Hollow Ice Cubes and Alien Bugs .. (Micro-fiction, 100 words)

This a piece of Micro-fiction that I submitted to a Geelong Writers Inc. competition, and my little story was selected to go in the Chapbook collection of the winning entries… The prompt was the last “7 words” of the article .. , “and only then did
his ordeal begin

Hollow Ice Cubes and Alien Bugs .. (Micro-fiction, 100 words)

His escapism had stopped. The front door was firmly locked. Torn curtains shut out

the noisiness of last night’s ghost town. Inside his bedroom the ceiling was sagging

down, and the outside light had turned brown. Then a dank staleness filled the air,

and a shadowy emptiness stained the other chair. Eerily stillness fell inside his

vacant box, burdened by invisible chains and locks. Anxiety churned in his chest and

his encroaching loneliness tasted like hollow ice cubes. Suddenly he heard gnarly

scratching on the windows, as the alien bugs started breaking in, and only then did

his ordeal begin.

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Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Wherever You Are

Strange…..  this morning, I woke up with tears in my eyes……. funny how these moments, occasionally, happen…… I’m fine, I cope well these days, but I had an urge to pen some words, and I wrote these these few short lines……  Also today I’m posting this short poem on “Go Dog Go Cafe’s”, Promote Yourself Monday’s site, please visit them, by clicking >>> Here.

Wherever You Are


You are the pillow

In my pillowcase

You are the morning

In my sky

The cloud in my eyes

The water in my heart

You are the soul

In my every word


Ivor Steven (c)  June 2019