Throwback Friday, My Door’s Firmly Shut, by Ivor Steven

“The reblog link for my ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ post didn’t work today, so here is a copy”
Today I am presenting a poem from August 2017, just 2 months after I began blogging on WordPress ..

My Door’s Firmly Shut

Early Friday morning

At my desk

Writing in pencil

The inks frozen

No joke

Send the firewood

Light up my heart

With warm soulful words

Give my fingers a start

Knuckles are throbbing

An arthritic chill

My dog’s coughing

Poor little Lily

She feels it too

Ah, not to worry

A wry smile

A sunray

Shining through

Thawing my quill

Freeing my will

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

No Bouquets

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #81 photo prompt.

Image credit: Victoria Strukovskaya @ Unsplash
The image shows a closed wooden gate with the number 28.5 written on it with chalk. The gate is surrounded by thick green creepers.

No Bouquets

The twenty eighth of May

The final day to escape Bombay

Leave behind the encroaching Doomsday

Breakaway the padlocked doorways

And seek unknown purified airways

Time to invest wisely in tomorrow’s causeway

Time to invent a new realistic screenplay

That includes the universe’s cabaret

And comprehends mother nature’s ways

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021


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And hopefully the paperback version will be available soon….


My garden door is open

Come on in and say hello

There is always a spare deck chair

My courtyard is full of fresh air

We can sip on lemon tea out of my stoneware

Listen to the bees and butterflies fanfare

And together, dream of birds and oceans

My book, Tullawalla, is open

Come on in, you are welcome

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

My Women

Today is my mother’s birthday, and tomorrow is mothersday, and also it was Carole’s funeral day … Here is my tribute to those 2 magnificent women in my life…

My Women

After I had left the hem

Without women

I could not have survived my time

I would not have braved the climb

Ladies you are my rhyme

My mothers of thyme

Helping me roll away the stone

Maintaining these old bones

Repairing the bridges, I have burnt

Reciting the messages, I have learnt

Cheering from the sidelines

Supporting my broken designs

Women of my rhymes

Mothers for a lifetime

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Seeds of Survival

Life is a journey of discovery

An ordained roller coaster ride

Of tall crests and deep valleys

And if we knew what our voyage would be

We would not venture beyond the cabin door

And sail the world’s unpredictable oceans

Those stormy swallowing vortexes

Of tall tsunami’s and deep ravines

But our passage of life is accepted

Even though our destiny is unknown and unexpected

Nevertheless we persevere and regenerate

For we are the universe’s eternal seeds

The seeds that continue to fly

The seeds that spiritually survive

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

Rivers Flow By

I find the tears never stop, they just have longer dry spells between the showers……..
“How many rivers of tears must we cry
Before all our deepest wells run dry” … Ivor, May 2012

Rivers Flow By

I sit and watch the rivers flow by

I gaze up and see the clouds roll away

I feel the sun’s warmth is within me to stay

I know my heartbeat is hers every day

I sit and watch the rivers flow by

I look above and see today’s clear blue sky

Ivor Steven (c) May 2021

These Days

Here comes one of those days

When my soul feels the light of hope within me

How could I ever forget those days

*Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me*


Now I bless the light

The spirit of those days within me

Forever your star of hope, glows so bright

Always there, shining down on me


Now I thank you for these days

The dance of glory you gave me

Remembering our world’s warm nights and joyful days

How could I forget, that blade of grass you gave me

That everlasting gift, walks with me every day

You’re in my heart every single day, believe me


*Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me* This line, is a line I’ve taken from the Ray Davies song “Days”, they are truly glorious words, and I could not write a better line to suit my poem, than this brilliant piece by Ray Davies….. so now sit back and enjoy his magnificent song…. “Days”

Ivor Steven (c) May 2020