Cracks Fading Into Dust

I’d like to thank Gina, of Singledust, for reminding me of an old poem of mine. Her glorious poem, “dying dreams” inspired me to write an answer to my poem “A Crack In The Wall”.

Cracks Fading Into Dust 


Long ago, I lay bruised, on a pebble beach

The jagged rocks, had cut me deeply

I remained, bleeding and afraid

Beached, unable to row with my torn pieces


The cracks sharp edges, are now blunt

Ancient dark chasms, softened by time

And filled with yesteryear’s tears

Light ascends from the opaque holes

And glowing lustre, hovers over old fears

I see clear visions beyond the front door

And distant dreams, becoming realities

I’m done, hurdling fences and stone walls

The lifelong barriers are turning into dust

And her lost love, will be my last supper


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

A Green Two Days

Hello dear readers, a happy St Patrick’s to you all. Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to go the Geelong Irish Society’s, St Patrick’s Day Cocktail Party. The evening was a glorious celebration, with lots of scrumptious food, stirring Irish music from the band, “Old Melbourne Rd”, and plenty of Irish fluids to encourage the participants to have a happy time. I’ve attached some photos and a videos from last night, and a photo from today’s St Patrick’s fundraising Fete at our local St Patrick’s school.

Below.: The band playing their start song



Below: Yes !! I’m on the dance……. instead of the hospital bed…….



Below: The real Irish Dancing Girls…….


Below: The dance crowd                Below: The St Patrick’s Day, School Fete, Ivor on the left



Below: The bands finale song…. they’ve been enjoying a good time too !!



Cheers My Friends

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Greeting Sands

My sunny dawn cracked open the morning sky

I yawn and I stretch, my back goes crack

The noise of warning sirens cracks the air

Let’s get cracking and take Yorkie for a pedal

From this quiet suburb of Geelong

To visit the vast metropolis of Philadelphia

From these drying puddles of the Moorabool

To the flowing waters of the Delaware

I’ll pack sun-burnt soil from this dusty land

And exchange my sand, for smiles and greeting hands

Featured Photos: Taken by Ivor Steven, the pictures are of the Moorabool River, from the banks of the river, behind the Derwent Hotel, Batesford, Geelong.

At of my friend Kate of “calmKate”, afew more Moorabool River pictures.

IMG_0626 (3)IMG_0624 (2)

Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Time To Think

Good news today !! My scans and tests results from yesterday, came back negative. My Doctor said I could go home, and I’m allowed to start driving again, and I’ve “officially” been given the all-clear to fly to America, New York, and Philadelphia…. The best news I’ve received for  5 months.. Yeah.. and I’m a happy and relieved Ivor. Hopefully, for my next few months, there’s clear a sky and smooth flying.

Time To Think


I’m thinking of time and space

Or am I thinking of time in space


a second

an hour

a light-year


could be infinite

Or a void

inside your head

The head controls your body

To walk

in your space

Your space

where you belong

You belong

a part of the human race

Right or wrong

We live our life

on this place

From the moment we are born

Until the clock chimes

your time to die

Leaving a void of empty space

And we drop out of the race

Becoming a soul of eternal grace


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

The Time-machine’s Secret Code

Well here l am in hospital again. For today’s Weekly Word Prompt, the prompt word is : Fairness – please click to view the Weekly Word Prompt site. And as far as I am concerned, in all fairness, I could not have been treated any better than during my stay here in Geelong hospital.

I’m no stranger to this land

The old hourglass sand

Is drifting past my hand

I’m no stranger to this room

Time has me back here too soon

I’ve not yet been on my trip to the


I’m no stranger to this road

Time has me carrying destiny’s load

I wait here for answers from the time-machine’s secret code

I’m no stranger to this front door

Time has me healing, for my home chores

Here they’re all kind, saying hello and, goodbye Ivor

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Nonsense or Daylight Saving Has Started

Hi Dear readers, just to let you know, I’m in hospital tonight, I had a bad afternoon, and they advised me to come into hospital. My Cat Scans were good, but keeping me here 2- 3 days under observation. Fortunately I’ll be ok 😊🙄

Resting on my pillow in the backyard willow

Under last year’s girlfriend’s bed-throw

Midnight’s gone, and I cannot sleep

I keep wanting to have a peep

I’m dreaming a vortex of dreams

The boiling kettle’s bursting with steam

I’m throwing out the fungus and cream

Empty coathangers, and the old fur coat beams

Politicians verbal shit in flowing upstream

Truth and lies tear at their trouser seams

Cancerous rhymes attack my open veins

It’s a dark cloudy night outside, who’s there to see the rain

The awakening dawn has no talking moon

And the morning sunshine needs a spoon

Daylight saving has begun too soon

My running shoes have walked out of the bedroom

Ivor Steven (c) 2019