It’s Time To Leave



It’s Time To Leave


It’s time to tidy up my mess

Clean up the room and get dressed

It’s time to pack my suitcase

Fill the travel bag and vacate this place

It’s time to put on my famous rocker shoes

And walk away from this dream come true

It’s time to say heartfelt goodbyes

To these wonderful Philadelphia guys

It’s time for final hugs and kisses

Sad farewells and best wishes

It’s time for my usual emotional tears

Separate myself from these every day cheers

It’s time to flyaway from a land of Dragons and fairies

Leave this magical world of faraway families

It’s time to say a million thank you’s

For making my stay a Really Real great do

It’s time for me to travel back home

With glorious memories of this mystical thunderdome


Ivor Steven (c)  May 2019

Love United, Under Distant Skies

Dear readers, over the previous 8 days, I hope you have been enjoying my poems about my wonderful trip to New York, Philadelphia and Bensalem, from a year ago. … Meeting my dear niece Kerri was a dream come, and this is the poem I wrote for her…..


Love United, Under Distant Skies (For Kerri)


Through the mist of my tears

I saw droplets run down her cheeks

Our moist eyes met

And I kissed her on the lips

With love, from my softened soul

I felt the depth of her inner strength

Radiate from within her petite body.

Now, finally we have embraced

And encountered our forever dreams

The bells of respect clearly chimed

Ringing joyful tunes, and our duets were living proof

That our hearts were lovingly entwined

Under alien stars, and united by our distant skies

A forever circle of love. even when I’m sleeping



Ivor Steven (c)  May 2019

Quietly I Exist

I’m writing words from the edge of time

And pondering my life’s lack of rhyme

Thinking every moment is a lost atom of mine

And quietly I exist only in mime


Life is a mountain of ups and downs

Sharp thorns and slippery crowns


For me, every moment is a good day

Behind me, I leave yesterday

And today, I’ll by-pass midday

On my way, to bathing in tomorrow’s sun-rays


We are, not here to control nature

But we are, responsible for her future

I don’t think us humans are meant to be

Poisoning the sea with plastic and mercury


I cannot be the king of this stagnant world

But I am as free as my wings unfurled

My eyes have been opened again

To reveal the sky is sunshine and rain


Now I see beyond every yellow door

There was once an original world

So I’ll turn the latch, to discover more

And give realities of life a whirl


Ivor Steven (c) May 2020.

A Collection, Nearly Time To Go Home

On “Weekly Prompts” their weekend challenge is: Story. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking >>HERE…. And below I’m continuing my “Story” about my trip to Philadelphia in May last year, via a collection of my poems and haiku’s …


Wet Flowers of May


Philadelphia rain

Like a rattling freight train

Wet fat drops

That didn’t stop

Watering flowers on mother’s day

Sharing the liquid joy of May


Haiku: Family History

Boxes of photos

Memory lane in my hands

Decades of stories


The Golden Pot

I’ve travelled to the end

Of yesterday’s rainbow

I found the golden pot was full

Full of warm hearts

The pot of hearts was overflowing

With ladles full of kindness

And their kindness was a cascading

River of magical rainbows


Haiku: We Lost The Sea

Bridges of dreams crossed

The ocean and river spanned

Waters of love found

Ivor Steven (c) May 2019

A Tune Of Success

On this weekend, a year ago, I was in the 4th week of my stay with my cousins in Philadelphia…. and I think my body was living on adrenaline……


A Tune Of Success


I’m sleeping in today

As I awake to a rainy Sunday

Cloudy, fat drops of grey


My body needs a rest

As a happy heart, pounds in my chest

Quietly, my soul beats a tune of success


I’m living in a hive of honey and bees

Covered by flowers and hugging trees

Once an injured mystery bird, now set free



Ivor Steven (c) 2019

The Return of My Dragon

On a May evening a year ago, back in Bensalem (near Philadelphia), I was watching a TV show called, “Game Of Thrones”, with my Cousin’s Ken & Joanne, their children, and the grand-children…. they were all enthralled by the series concluding episode….of course I was on the Dragon’s side…..and after the show finished, I wrote this poem for them….


The Return of My Dragon


My Dragon, has been away searching

Flying his mystical universe

Traversing darkness

Between distant stars

Collecting the negative pieces

Of my lost soul

Welding them back together

Using all the inner forces

Of his fiery belly

And melting her throne of thorns

Into a bubbling river of molten swords

Cascading upon our stairway to heaven

Breaking yesteryear’s curse

Returning her betrayed body

Into my forever dreams

Of a glorious blue yonder

Ivor Steven (c) 2019