We Are Sour, But We Have the Power

Out of the blue ocean, into the black sea

We still appear wet behind our ears

And still burning bridges made out of ancient trees

Repeating the same old questions, while wearing our masks of tears


What about looking at nature’s dragonflies and bees?

How do they live in harmony without the fears?

We are the carriers of this corrupt disease

Ignoring our racist problems for too many years



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020

Below, the lyrics to “Nina Cried Power” by Hozier, please read and sing along…..

“Nina Cried Power”
(feat. Mavis Staples)

It’s not the waking, it’s the rising
It is the grounding of a foot uncompromising
It’s not forgoing of the lie
It’s not the opening of eyes
It’s not the waking, it’s the risingIt’s not the shade, we should be past it
It’s the light, and it’s the obstacle that casts it
It’s the heat that drives the light
It’s the fire it ignites
It’s not the waking, it’s the rising

It’s not the song, it is the singing
It’s the heaven of a human spirit ringing
It is the bringing of the line
It is the bearing of the rhyme
It’s not the waking, it’s the rising

[Hozier & Mavis Staples:]
And I could cry power (Power), power (Power)
Power, Lord
Nina cried power
Billie cried power
Mavis cried power
And I could cry (Power) power, (Power) power
Hey, power
Curtis cried power
Patti cried power
Nina cried power

It’s not the wall, but what’s behind it
Oh, the fear of fellow man, it’s mere assignment
And everything that we’re denied
By keeping the divide
It’s not the waking, it’s the rising

[Hozier & Mavis Staples:]
And I could cry power (Power), power (Power)
Oh, power
Nina cried power
Lennon cried power
James Brown cried power
And I could cry (Power) power, (Power) power
Hey, power
B.B. cried power
Joni cried power
Nina cried power

[Mavis Staples:]
And I could cry power
Power has been cried by those stronger than me
Straight into the face that tells you
To rattle your chains if you love being free

[Hozier & Mavis Staples:]
But I could cry power (Power)
‘Cause power is my love when my love reaches to me
James Brown cried power
Seeger cried power
Marvin cried power
Yeah ah, power
James cried power
Lennon cried power
Patti cried power
Billie, power
Dylan, power
Woody, power
Nina cried power

I, Can Breathe

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings”  … Henry David Thoreau

I, Can Breathe


I don’t own much

I don’t owe much

I share what I have

I have hope and love……


Oh, we, the drowned

We, the broken

We, the leftover pieces

We, hoping for peace


I see their choices

I hear their voices

I am defiant

I, cannot be a tyrant

I, cannot be violent

I, cannot be silent



Ivor Steven (c)  June 2020

Who’s The Saddest


My smokey eyes have been faltering

Sad necessary tears have me wavering

Looking down the knife-edges

Balancing on red cliff-edges


How will the fog of darkness be lifted?

From angry souls that have drifted

Mirror, mirror, who’s the saddest

Mirror, mirror, where is forgiveness


The heart-breakers came around

Killing a black-rose on the ground

Deep down we all feel hollow

And none can see the peace-smoke halo



Ivor Steven (c) June 2020

We Sing, and We Sing

Is there a song?

Between who is sad, and who is wrong

Beyond this prolonged swan song


How long, is too long?

Along these throngs of torch songs

Headstrong, and head-on


We know their theme song

We are all in the wrong

Oh. We, are the wrong


Listen to the birdsong

Listen to her lifelong song

Listen to nature humming along



Ivor Steven (c)  May 2020.

“We, The Drowned”, Lyrics by Lisa Hannigan

We, the drowned
Hold our hollow hearted ground
Til we swallow ourselves down
AgainWe, the ashes,
We spend our days like matches
And burned ourselves as black as
The end.


We know not the fire in which we burn
But we sing and we sing
And the flames grow higher.
We read not the pages which we turn
But we sing, and we sing, and we sing, and we sing

We, the wrong,
We the sewn up and long gone,
Were before and all along
Like this

We, the drowned
The lost and found out,
We are all finished again.

Grandma’s Hands

I wonder what mum and grandma are thinking

Mum was born after the First World War

A child of the roaring twenties

Then she became a poor teenager, of the great depression

And a young nurse, during the horror’s of a second World War

A time when everyone’s supplies were rationed


Everyone helped each other, when things run out

Everyone knew a son, that been killed in the war

Everyone gave you a soft shoulder to lean on

Everyone shared each others pain

Our parents and grandparents survived

And taught us compassion, and the value of every single life




Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Boy In A Bubble

I’m living inside my bubble of air and sea

But my shadow is drifting away from me

A distant silhouette beyond my arms reach

Now I’m an isolated sand-grain off yesterday’s beach


I’m walking alone and free in today’s daydream

Thinking of life, crossing-over to be with my honey and cream*

This commonwealth of man has isolated the birds and bees

Now I’m hoping to hug this dark forest’s future trees


honey and cream* >> https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2018/10/28/cream-and-honey-2/



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

One Motherland

Hello dear readers, this is my follow-up poem, on the back of my pictorial article about our Geelong’s “Pako Festa” on Saturday >>https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2020/03/02/the-communities-leap-of-faith-pako-festa-geelong/    My poem here was inspire by this glorious multicultural event, which was both awe-inspiring and at times emotionally teary for me….. Hopefully my words explain my thoughts as the parade passed by me….. And as usual I’ve attached a song, but this is not any song….. it’s a piece I’ve had on my playlist for a while….. a very emotional song by ‘Natalie Merchant’, … please listen if you have time, and you’ll understand how my poem is strongly connected to her song ‘Motherland’…… By coincidence, I remembered “Natalie Merchant’s” song when I began searching YouTube for a suitable piece of music to go with my poem……and for your further enjoyment, I’ve also attached her superb lyrics below…….


One Motherland


I’m standing here watching


a parade of nations

passing in front of me

people from far away lands

walking hand in hand

in harmony

one big family

beyond their first moorings

recalling their ocean crossings


I’m standing here wondering


what drove them here

to leave their homeland

cross a line in the sand

and live in this distant world

on an ancient island

to live as one

under the same sun

cradled by one Motherland


I’m standing here crying


thinking about pointless wars

knowing children are dying

there’s too much hatred

life is so sacred

we are all related

living under One hand

all on one Motherland

we are merely a mite of dust

searching for love and trust

cradled by one Motherland



Motherland, lyrics by Natalie Merchant

Where in hell can you go
Far from the things that you know
Far from the sprawl of concrete
That keeps crawling its way
About 1,000 miles a day?

Take one last look behind
Commit this to memory and mind
Don’t miss this wasteland, this terrible place
When you leave
Keep your heart off your sleeve

Motherland cradle me
Close my eyes
Lullaby me to sleep
Keep me safe
Lie with me
Stay beside me
Don’t go, don’t you go

O, my five & dime queen
Tell me what have you seen?
The lust and the avarice
The bottomless, the cavernous greed
Is that what you see?

Motherland cradle me
Close my eyes
Lullaby me to sleep
Keep me safe
Lie with me
Stay beside me
Don’t go

It’s your happiness I want most of all
And for that I’d do anything at all, o mercy me!
If you want the best of it or the most of all
If there’s anything I can do at all

Now come on shot gun bride
What makes me envy your life?
Faceless, nameless, innocent, blameless and free,
What’s that like to be?

Motherland cradle me
Close my eyes
Lullaby me to sleep
Keep me safe
Lie with me
Stay beside me
Don’t go, don’t you go



Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020