Horse Before the Cart 

At Weekly, the Wednesday Challenge is the word: TREES. Please go over and visit their fabulous by clicking on >> Here. My poem is not directly about trees, but I believe that in one way or another, life here on earth is connected to our “Trees”
Featured Photo: by Derrick Knight, and a sincere thank you to Derrick for permitting me to use his fabulous image here in collaboration with my poem. This is now our “41st” collaborative article, and our joint book “Perceptions” is now in the hands of my editor/publisher (Judy, from Jaymah Press), and hopefully, the book will be in print before Christmas. >>

Horse Before the Cart 

Bitumen road 

Horse and cart 

Centuries apart 

Unopened loads 

Dreams of tomorrow 

Library books unborrowed 


Ancient ode

Horse before the cart 

Centuries before the Ark 

Ivor Steven (c) September 2022

Standing On Unstable Ground 

Featured Photo: by Derrick Knight, and a sincere thank you to Derrick for permitting me to use his fabulous image here in collaboration with my poem. This is now our “40th” collaborative article, and our joint book “Perceptions” is now in the hands of my editor/publisher (Judy, from Jaymah Press), and hopefully, the book will be in print before Christmas

Standing On Unstable Ground


Do not make me laugh 

The pain would cut me in half 


Pass me yesterday’s leftover chaff


I cannot leave you an autograph 

I am a wounded grey donkey 

Standing on unstable ground 

Feeling disabled and lonely 

And my inner damage is yet to be found  

Ivor Steven © August 2022

Congregating Every Day

Hello dear readers and followers, this poem today is the first piece I have written for 3 weeks, after being unable to attempt any computer work because of my debilitating back pain. I’m afraid my back is still very sore, and this article has been put together via short sittings at my desk over the last 3 days. I think Derrick’s photos captured my imagination and stirred my tired mind to write something creative.

All Photographs, by Derrick Knight, and thank you once again for allowing me to reproduce your fabulous images here on my poetry site …

And this is now our 39th poem/photograph collaboration, and a “Glossy Coffee-table” type book “Perceptions” is on the way, hopefully, available before Christmas.

No-one told the ponies

Congregating Every Day

There they patiently stand

Congregating every day

Outside the community shop

And the village letterbox

Most of them are posting

Food parcels to their equine relatives

Hungry and abandoned in the Ukraine

Others wait forlornly

For any news of encouragement

About the health and whereabouts

From their frightened families

Inside war-torn Ukraine

There they patiently stand

Congregating every day

Ivor Steven ©  August 2022

A Soul’s Weary Retreat

Featured Image Above: ‘Peace Milestones’ by Derrick Knight, and thank you Derrick for kindly allowing me to reproduce your fabulous photos on my poetry site

A Soul’s Weary Retreat

Boulders did tumble

Across my gravelly path

Hard stones have bruised my feet

Decades of broken milestones

Did crumble

Into my lonesome creek

But my old waterlogged boots

Kept pounding the cobblestone streets

Defying the weariness of my soul’s retreat

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022

Urban Glare

The weekend challenge on Weekly Prompts is: Review. Please visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here … Below is my response to their prompt, and you are quite welcome to ‘Read and Review’ my poem “Urban Glare”

Featured Image Above: by Derrick Knight >>

Urban Glare

Down into the valley

I wander

Away from urban glare

Beyond reach

Of those who do not care

About nature’s faded flare

Along a cool creek

I wander

Away from urban air

Beyond sight

Of those arrogant stares

Who do not see nature’s plight

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Old Ground

Featured Image Above: by Derrick Knight, and a sincere thank you to Derrick for allowing me to use his fabulous photos here on my poetry site.

Old Ground

Along the cracked track I walk

Always in the same direction

But today I was discombobulated

I did not know the difference

Between east or west

Or whether I was moving up or down

But then

I felt the world

Rumble under my feet

There in every blade of grass

I could hear

The earth’s heartbeat

A soft sobbing sound

Of the lost children

Resting under ground

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Metamorphosis, is up at Coffee House Writers Magazine

Hello dear readers and followers, I now write for “Coffee House Writers” magazine on a fortnightly basis, and my poem“Metamorphosis”, is in this week’s edition of Coffee House Writers Magazine. … please click on the link below and visit my poem, at Coffee House Writers >>

Thank you to Derrick Knight for sending me his butterfly photo to accompany my caterpillar photo >>


I am lying on the damp path 

A stranger stops and leans over me  

“Are you ok mate?” he asks 

“I’m fine thank you” 

“I’m down here having a chat with Mr. Caterpillar 

“Oh!” gives me a quizzical look and moves on 

Then Mr. Caterpillar said 

“Thanks for joining me here at dirt level” 

I reply.  

“The moist grass feels silky against my cheek 

and I think we humans forget to honour the earth,  

and don’t appreciate the planet we have under our feet” 

“You are right about that 

even in my life as a caterpillar 

before I transfer into a butterfly 

I see the tainted sky turning darker 

the valley river is murkier 

and I feel the ground under my feet 

is anxiously trembling even more” 

“I wonder what the world will look like 

when I’m a butterfly in the sky 

I have only three weeks of adventure before I die 

however, during my short lifespan 

you humans 

will persist with willful destruction 

and shamefully increase the number of orphans

under your feet” 

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Faerie Runnels

Last week when I was visiting Eugenia’s fabulous site >>
she introduced me to a Poetry Format, called a “Mariannet”, and I thought I would try to write one … The mariannet is an isosyllabic rhyming poem, consisting of one or more five-line stanzas (quintains) with one syllable in the first line, three in the second, nine in the third, six in the fourth, and eight in the fifth and final line. The first two lines rhyme with each other, and so does the third and fourth, but the fifth is nonrhyming and does not rhyme with any other lines. Thus its rhyme scheme can be expressed as aabbx for each individual quintain (with x representing the nonrhyming line). In Moore’s original formatting of the form, the third and fourth lines were indented five spaces and the fifth ten spaces. … Below is my fun Mariannet,

The Featured Image Above, and the photo on the left below, and from Derrick Knight’s fabulous site >>

Faerie Runnels


The dark cave

…..Chase the faeries down the tunnel

…..Find their magic runnel

……….A hidden spring full of sparkle


Be aware

…..Sip from their bubbling fountain of youth

…..One nip of ancient truth

……….And your dreams will turn into dust

Ivor Steven ©  June 2022

Do Not Quote Me?

This poem is not really a poem, but a poem made from some of my quotes that I have occasionally posted here on my site, and the creating of this collection/poem was prompted by Derrick Knight’s, Feature Image Above >> and you may visit his site via this link >>

Do Not Quote Me?

“A poet following a poet, gives you poetry in motion”

“The tunnel is growing wider 

The light is glowing brighter”

“He who worships from the tallest tree, 

should be weary of the broken branches he trod on below” 

“Stories emanate from the heart. Literature lives in every heartbeat “

“Not all literature is perfect, none of us are perfect”

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

There Will Be An Answer

The Featured Image above was taken by Derrick Knight, and when I viewed his heartwarming photo of the foal peacefully sleeping on the grass, my mind was immediately inspired to write words, and after numerous attempts to create something worthy of Derrick’s beautiful photo, I eventually produced this poem “There Will Be An Answer” … and my poem is to be read by pretending that you are the “foal’s” thoughts … You may visit Derrick’s article by clicking on this Link >>

There Will Be An Answer

All the world is green

Within my midday dream

Please, do not disturb me

Let me sleep, let me be

Let it be, let it be

I do not comprehend

Your unnatural trends

Of killing your neighbours

After kicking in their sacred doors

Do not listen to me

Hear the breeze among the trees

There, under nature’s ancient marquee

She wisely decrees

Live in harmony like the bees

Co-existence is free

Let it be, let it be

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022