Liquid Joy

Hello dear readers, well I’m celebrating my eighteen month anniversary of blogging, with another post originally from June 7th 2017, and I’ve rehashed the poem slightly.

Tears of liquid joy
Like rivers of fear
The memories so clear
And a toast to cheer
Tears of liquid joy
Like waves from the heart
Two great oceans apart
And wishing for another restart
Tears of liquid joy
Like dredged canals of the soul
Leaking from the broken porthole
And needing a free parole
Tears of liquid joy
Like a flowing molten lava
Passing a secret convoy
And singing like the last choirboy
Crying liquid joy

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Where’s Her Dream

I’ve seen the universe, through to the stars beyond

There’s a deep darkness, she’s gone, she’s gone

I saw her smile, crack from the pain

There was a sorrow, she caught it tomorrow

I’ve seen the moon, through the burning sun

Where’s that planet, she’s walking on

I saw her eyes, crying tears of sand

Where’s that beach, she’s lying on

I’ve seen the ocean, through the broken coral

Where’s that ship, she’s sailing on

I saw her body, serene and frail

Where the ashes, she’s covered in

I’ve seen the earth open up, swallowing the multitude whole.

Where’s that chasm, she’s falling through.

I saw her gentle soul, disappear out of sight.

Where’s that secret heaven, she’s flying to

I’ve seen the land, go through violent storms

Where’s the winds of time, she’s spread upon

I saw her heart, her love, for all of you, and I

Where’s that dream, she’s left us to find

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Hail And Rain

With a huff and puff

They blew my house down

Down to the ground

I’ll have to rebuild

Begin from the foundations

Restart back up

Spread the pebbles and sand

Friends will give me a hand

Pick-up the broken sticks

Nail them back together

Then they’ll be mortar and bricks

The reconstruction will be long and hard

My new home will be solid as a rock

But she’ll never be the same

Through all this hail and rain

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Changing Things Around

Sipping on tea, from old Ceylon.

This lazy day’s, all but gone.

I’m changing things around again.

Thinking I’m yesterdays craftsmen.

Putting dreams up, taking walls down.

Wandering around in my morning gown.

Daydreaming again, oh, her in this room.

Writing silly words, about sun and moon.

Feeling lost within this empty saloon.

Wishing for her to reappear soon.

Replacing the sofa, for her to see.

Reclining she would, so relaxed and free.

Oh this void, she left alone for me.

Returning she said, to share a Ceylon tea.

Ivor Steven.


I’m consumed by tiredness

In this healing castle of sleeplessness

Where the nightingales flitty about

Like hummingbirds in a drought

The witch-doctors come and go

With their underlings following to and fro

During the day there’s noisiness and bright lights

And life is just the same throughout the night

Ivor Steven (c) 2018