Ocean Spirit

Dawn sunshine awakens my weary bones

And I hear the early birds are singing

About my day’s visions of flying towards home

Then I remember the tune and start humming


As the windless sky beckons my ocean spirit

It’s time to travel beyond these noisy urban alarms

Sit upon cool sand, and listen to the waves lyrics

Rhythmically roll into my waiting arms



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020


A Brick Wall Comes Alive

Over the last two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of observing a creative piece  of street-artwork evolving on a corner shop wall, at nearby the ‘Box Office Cafe’, where I like to enjoy a coffee and cake…  The wonderful painting, inspired me to write this little poem.


A Brick Wall Comes Alive


There, before my smiling eyes

An old brick wall comes alive

A colourful display, growing and flowing

There’s flowers and faces glowing

Within artistic creations of finesse

Upon every brush-strokes progress

The facade’s sharing her party dress

And she’s dancing in the streets to impress


Oh..  At Carolyn’s request, here’s pic’s of my coffee & cakes….



Ivor Steven (c) July 2020

Brave Knight

In these times of oppressing days

Pressing engagements are on delay

Souls are in need of a valiant Knight

To pull us from this pool of fading light

A quicksand of swallowing gloom

Rules and restrictions clinging to every room

Oh. Brave Knight save us from doom

Roll away the dark stone covering our tomb

Bring us your enlightening thunderbolt

A silver torch of liberty to our vaults

Ivor Steven (c) July 2020

Wizard, (a Haiku)

Back in 1972, I was a great fan of the band, ‘Uriah Heep’, and I’d play the song “Wizard” on my record player, every chance I had. The music was magical, and the lyrics superbly depicted the feelings within my heart …. and my visions of a more peaceful and harmonious world, might soon be achieved……. That was nearly 50 years ago, and I vividly remember the song, but I’m afraid the world has forgotten the “Lyrics”


Wizard  (a Haiku)


Mysterious dreams

Magicians run amok

Wizards remember



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020


The Wizard. Lyrics by Uriah Heep

He was the wizard of a thousand kings
And I chanced to meet him one night wandering
He told me tales and he drank my wine
Me and my magic man kind of feeling fine

He had a cloak of gold
And eyes of fire
And as he spoke I felt a deep desire
To free the world of its fear and pain
And help the people to feel free again

Why don’t we listen to the voices in our hearts
‘Cause then I know we’d find we’re not so far apart
Everybody’s got to be happy
Everyone should sing
For we know the joy of life
The peace that love can bring

So spoke the wizard in his mountain home
The vision of his wisdom means we’ll never be alone
And I will dream of my magic night
And the million silver stars that guide me with their light


Polar Bears and Cold Sheep

hello world, do you see my frown?

will the blizzards ever calm down?

will the rains ever soften the ground?

will the tears of silence be the only sound?


the frozen wounds are deep

the mountains of snow are steep

humans need to stop being cold sheep

and begin taking their own individual leaps


the rewards of being nice

far outweigh this world of ice



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020

Slippery Stepping Stones

Dear readers, as you know I like to put a music/video with my posts, that in some way might tend to suit the words I’ve written…. Today I two great pieces to chose from, both songs are by “Puscifer”, and then I decided to add both of the music/videos….. and along with my poem, I hope you enjoy my articles entire presentation today….


Slippery Stepping Stones


Dreams of longer and older paths

Are fading behind invincible eyes


I’ve seen that yellow-brick road to there

Just pass a cloud covered sky somewhere

On the other side of nowhere

Now I’m on my way to there

And I’m happy for everyone to share

My winding road to everywhere


I’ve tripped over many hidden yellow bricks

And the red cobblestone tracks are a real trick

But to gingerly cross life’s riverbed of slimy stepping stones

Somehow enabled my soul, to travel through slippery time zones


Ivor Steven (c) July 2020

Paradise Beach


Paradise Beach


on and on we must go

we the mighty who dare

to venture above and beyond

our drab old vaudeville show


join the journey of discovery

out there in search of the Milky Way

swim on our universe’s distant shores

where there’s sure to be a stellar star

completely made of compassion

held together by oceans full of love


our beach, a united paradise

one nation, within our reach



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020

The Other Side Of Red White And Blue

Suddenly I’m awake, it’s only 1.30 am, what’s happened !!  There’s car horns and cheering, like a New Year Eve’s party, why is there such a rowdy noise going on !!  Yeah…. now I remember… happy 4th of July to all of my American family and friend’s… ENJOY……


The Other Side Of Red White And Blue

Poem by Ivor Steven, adapted to prose by Claudia Collins


It was the fourth of July. The party seems to be finished. I’m wondering how long I dozed off for. Most of my friends have gone; a few bodies left, lying on the floor. ‘Best I have a piss before I go. Now where’s that bathroom?’

‘Whoops, there’s a girl in here, dressed all in blue, and she’s on the floor, slouched in the corner, not moving. Her skin is a whiter shade of pale, red lip-stick all askew.’

Then I see myself in the mirror. My white shirt is moist and filthy; agape, splattered deep, dark red. ‘Oh no. It’s human blood!’ I turn the crumpled girl over. Her pretty blue dress, covered in blood too. ‘What’s happened? I can’t remember. Only blurry images of red, white, and blue.’ My mind goes numb, and my legs start running, out of there, in a hurry.

Thump! I trip over. I thought, ‘that bloke is asleep.’ I didn’t notice at first … his red shirt is also oozing out blood. ‘Holy hell, he’s dead too!’

I’m stumbling through the front door. Grappling, panicking, now where where do I flee? ‘Think! Yes, a nearby church has an early dawn service, a sanctuary for my burning fears.’

And bumbling into the church I go, settling upon the nearest pew. I’m white as a ghost and I turn to see who’s beside me. An eerily stunning red-haired girl, wearing a dress of red, white, and blue.

Memory flashes back, ‘It’s Her … from the party.’ She’s staring at me now, with vivid red and white eyes. I see fangs protruding over her blue lips. Dribbling fresh blood, she hisses at me and gurgles, “Did I miss one?”

The Filia Sanguine suddenly grabs my arm. And her dark-blue fingernails dig deep. I’m seized, I’m gone, I know. There’s no safe haven here.

‘Where do you go to my lovely?’

I’m screaming tears of red, white, and blue.



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019