I’ve got a friend for twelve days.

Her name is Tina

She’s thirteen doggie years old

No trouble at all

Enjoying her stay

Eating well

Made herself at home

Sleeping on my bed


Its Just A Little Dream

Hi dear readers and friends, as you know I dream a lot, and most of my poems are from the images of my dreams. And this one is a typical example, a poem I posted here in June 2017, and was published by “The Drabble” in early July. A sincere thank you to Varnika Jain of Moonlighting Scrivener, for inspiring me to repost my “Dream”

It’s Just A Little Dream


I’ve been waiting inside,

For that never-never ride.

Wishing for that little shrug,

To turn into a dream-time hug.

I’ve been waiting outside,

Trying not to hide.

Wishing for that little smile,

To travel one more mile.

I’ve been waiting all-day,

Calling out, please stay.

Wishing for that little heartbeat,

To lay down at my feet.

I’ve been waiting all-night,

For that one-way flight.

Wishing for that little dove,

To glide over my love.

I’ve been waiting, seems forever,

Crying quietly, oh whatever.

Wishing for that little embrace,

To become my last dance.

Ivor Steven (c)