Throwback Friday, Myfanwy and Glenys, by Ivor Steven

An old poem that I posted on “Go Dog Go Cafe’s”, Throwback Friday segment.. a bit of fact, a bit of fiction, a bit of fun.

Go Dog Go Café

Today’s poem I wrote in September 2018, and the story is mixture of fact and fiction. The tree in the photo below, is of the ancient “Pontfadog Oat Tree” in Wales, said to be 1,200 years old,… unfortunately the old tree was blown down by a storm in 2013……

Myfanwy And Glenys

We haven’t been here for years

At Pontfadog’s Swan Inn drinking beers

The cozy lounge’s open fire invites us to stay

Reminiscing, we talk of bygone days

Remembering our twin aunties, Myfanwy and Glenys

When they giggled and blushed at our first public kiss

We were sitting upon our aunties picnic rug

Under the ancient Pontfadog Oak

Overlooking the picturesque river Ceirrog

Gently flowing beneath the Bridge of Madoc

And down the road the Glyn Valley Tram rolled in

Visitors alighting at the historic Tram Station building

We happily observed their contented smiles

Basking in the beautiful countryside…

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The Hummingbird Knows

This week the Weekend Challenge from Weekly Prompts is, Snippet. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> HERE. And below is my little snippet of a poem, in response to the ‘Weekly Prompt’

The Hummingbird Knows

I’m searching for a safe nest

a place for my weary wings to rest

a hostel for the hovering bewildered

above the rainbows where eagles soar

beyond the clouds silver linings

away from the world’s selfish cravings

a symphonic haven for my soul to call home

where the hummingbird knows the words for my poem

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Giving Thanks

Love lives on and on

In the tune of every birdsong

And friendships warm the soul

Like the sun warms our body

Love lives on and on

Memories and rhymes remain strong

Love is within our heart

Love is there to be shared

Like the blood in our veins

Love is made for transfusions

Love has been there all along

Love advances right over wrong

Love lives within our sins

Love lives within everything

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020


As many of my readers would know, over the pass few weeks, I’ve been proof-reading and editing my manuscript, and with the help of a Geelong Writers friend (Claudia), her assistance has been magnificently diligent, and yesterday we finally completed our task…. and my poem here “Words of Mine” is to be the Epilogue for my book..


Words of Mine

I’ve given you my humble words

I’ve given you my hidden soul

Words trickling through cool mountain streams

Words dripping off the frozen ashen trees

Words gliding across the icy lakes

Words of love, drowning in the memory rains

I’ve given you my inner self

I’ve given you my outer grief

Words tumbling over the embedded rocks

Words twisting along the winding rivers

Words cascading down the forest waterways

Words sifting through my barren hands

I’ve given you my lonely heart

I’ve given you my secret loves

Words of life living under the vast oceans

Words of time travelling to the stars beyond

Words flowing through happiness and sorrow

Words of mine, destiny’s dreams of tomorrow

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Life’s Baggage

Baggage on a rough ocean, rattles

And snaps like a snake dressed in black

However the angry waves will bite back

And drown the leftover sacred battles

Baggage is only a temporary state

Between carrying life’s extra weight

And waiting for life’s next update

Baggage, imagine the stories

Imagine the hidden dreams

Imagine love bursting at the seams

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Grumpy Bears in Chains

The crashing noise started after midnight

When the growling thunder gave darkness a fright

I was shaken by the storms furious hard rain

Sounding like grumpy bears in chains

Thumping my iron roof with their heavy paws

And lashing at the awnings with their steely claws

Then the giant drops turned into falling ice-blocks

And I rushed back inside to shelter behind the dog box

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Sunday’s Cooling Zephyr

Sunday’s Cooling Zephyr

So this is our new Sunday

Finally a return to normal ways

I feel almost alive

Adrenaline’s on a high

No time for my Dell

No time to dwell

Wonder and ponder

About a deep blue yonder

Another hour or so

And I’ll get up and go

Relax at my local Cafe

Enjoy a cake and coffee

And there will be a cooling zephyr

Caressing my brow, soft as a feather

I’ll hear Sigur Ros’s soothing music playing

And daydreaming, I’ll be gently swaying

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Promote Yourself Monday, November 23, 2020

Dear readers and followers, here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site… clicking on the link at the bottom of this article >>
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Promote yourself Mon

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This weekend the challenge from Weekly Prompts is the word; Noteworthy. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . The below poem is my response to the prompt.


I do not have to be famous to be noteworthy

Nor am I remarkably important

But within my fading soul I feel worldly

I do not have to be a President to be noteworthy

Nor am I significantly superior

But within my weary heart this story is newsworthy

I do not have to be a golden deity to be noteworthy

Nor am I the almighty creator

But within my lonely dreams I feel praiseworthy

I do not have to be anyone else but me

A earthy wordsmith, kind and trustworthy

Feature Image: The Centauress, by Rodin.

The Centauress is a provocative variation on the traditional equestrian monument. Instead of a hero mounted on a horse, the heroine and the horse have become one. Rodin combined two previous works in the design: The horse comes from an unrealized plan for a sculpture of a Chilean general. He adapted the woman from a male figure in The Gates from Hell.

Why create this amalgam? Rodin described a struggle between humanity’s “two natures. . . . An image of the soul whose ethereal impulses remain miserably imprisoned in the corporeal mire!”

Ivor Steven (c) Nov 2020

Throwback Friday, By the Waters Edge (“Tullawalla”)

Here’s an old poem of mine that I posted on the “Go Dog Go Cafe *site’s Throwback Friday segment.

Go Dog Go Café

Here’s a poem I wrote in 2016, while I was temporarily staying back in the original family homestead with my older brother, and I was in limbo and still trying to find myself another place to live.

By the Water’s Edge (Tullawalla)

I’m in this isolation cabin

Like a big mosquito larva

Ready to burst

Surrounded by sand and sea

And a river mouth

Tidal and free

And I share my daily bread

A share for you, and for them

Thoughts of you

I gaze down upon the sandy ground

I see your white lily unbound

I’m tangled in this cocoon

Like an angry dragonfly

Waiting to break free

Surrounded by watergrass and weed

Tea-tree and dunes, far as the eye can see

And a garden bed

Grown from seed

And I share my weekly menu

A share for you, and for them

Thoughts of you

I stare down upon…

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