A Torn Thesaurus

With my fiddle and riddles

Here in the middle

Of this unopened universe

Time spirals in reverse

Quills fly in from cyberspace

As alien words unravel and interlace

A torn thesaurus is my database

I wonder

Have I landed in the right place?

But that does not matter

K-9’s happy with the community banter

Doggie treats and friendly pats

And he presents his paw for more

Like a hungry beggar’s cap

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Jack’s Back

Over at Weekly Prompts, the Wednesday Challenge is: GARDEN ART. You may visit their fabulous site by clicking on the Link >> Here .. and the poem below is my response to their Prompt

Jack’s Back 


I woke at dawn 

And there was Jack  

Laying on my lawn 


Good morning, Mr. Frost 

I am at a loss 

With the ground so white 

And the air’s bitter bite 

Why are called Jack? 

The Jack’s I know from the outback 

Are all warmhearted folks  

And happy-go-lucky blokes 

Not cold-blooded guys 

Baptized by frozen skies 


Are you a naughty and chilly skite? 

Or a noble defender of the night 

Jack! Today at first light 

You gave my warm toes an icy fright 

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Nature’s Heartbeat

Misty rain streaks down my cheeks

And gentle droplets play life’s symphony on my roof

Reminding my soul that I exist, so meek

Humbled by the sound of nature’s heartbeat

I shall continue to follow her melodious proof

The dark clouds part during my day

And the lifting fog pours me a rainbow beam

Reminding my soul, why I love, and why I stay

Honoured by the strength of nature’s heartbeat

I shall continue to follow my dream

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Promote Yourself Monday: July 4, 2022

Dear readers and followers, here’s a great opportunity for your writings to be read by other writers, and also to find and meet other writers. You are very welcome to participate, come along and visit our writer friendly site…..by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article >>
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The Peace Dove Continues to Sing 

A big thank you to Francis of, JaZzArt en València, for being the inspiration behind this poem today. Please visit his inspiring poem, via this link >> Poem: “I am a Drop of Water” #poetry – JaZzArt en València (wordpress.com) 

The Peace Dove Continues to Sing

To the moon I am calling 

Please do not stop shining 

Upon our dark failings 

Where are we going? 

We can be anything 

Can we be everything? 


The sun’s golden bowstring  

The clouds rainbow swing  

A penguin’s happy wing  

An owl’s nightly hooting  

He, who knows everything 

And tells us nothing 

While the peace dove continues to sing  

Daily praise for Martin Luther King   

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

My Guiding Light


My Guiding Light

Seven years have gone bye

But who counts stars in the sky

Or the passing blue moons

Waving shadows upon blue lagoons

A waterfall’s pool of liquid joy

Shimmering memories, of when I was a boy

I shiver from yesteryear’s leftover rains

And there will always be a deep river in my veins

Dad, you were a brother and best mate too

And your ever-loving spirit guides me through

Ivor Steven (c) July 3rd 2022

Throwback Friday, Astronauts to the Rescue, by Ivor Steven

My poem over on ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’s’ Throwback Friday is “Astronauts to the Rescue” from Novemder 2019

Go Dog Go Café

Today’s poem is one I wrote back in November/December 2019, at a time when bushfires were raging across vast areas in every Australian State …

Astronauts to the Resue

The night sky’s hazily stark

Black space debris fills the dark

No bright street globes are in sight

What happened to the starry, starry night?

No faerie lights, nor sparkle dust

Only smoky charring of the earth’s crust

Rescuing astronauts were sent into the atmosphere

They were last seen drifting pass Jupiter

Will they ever stop fighting the desert crusades?

Modern lifeguards are still lying about those charades

Of ravaging the forests, and sinking refugee boats

While Negroes from the Ivory Coast are only eating burnt toast

Ivor Steven (c) Nov/Dec 2019

G’day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I’m an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer…

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Climbing a Rabbit Proof Fence, Published in the Geelong Writers Inc. Anomaly Street: Chapbook, Volume 1

Last night I attended the Geelong Writers Inc. monthly dinner/get together, which also featured the Book Launch of their new bi-annual Chapbook, Anomaly Street, and if you read the photo/scans attached below, you will understand my excitement of being selected in this outstanding collection of poetry with a difference, that creates jolts for flatlined minds ..

This is how my poem appeared in the Chapbook

Ivor Steven  © July 2022

The Last Living Rose

Give me shelter

From this daily war-zone

Throw me a blanket


To protect my wilting petals

I am cold and lonely

I am tired and hungry

I am scared

Do not let me wither away

Help me

My brothers

The sunflowers

Are war torn too

Do not leave us

Please save us

Give me shelter

From this hard rain

Throw me your shadows


To remove the thorns in my side

I am the last living rose

Do not forget me

Throw me an anchor


To reground my ancient roots

Before I am blown away

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022