A Tune Of Success

On this weekend, a year ago, I was in the 4th week of my stay with my cousins in Philadelphia…. and I think my body was living on adrenaline……


A Tune Of Success


I’m sleeping in today

As I awake to a rainy Sunday

Cloudy, fat drops of grey


My body needs a rest

As a happy heart, pounds in my chest

Quietly, my soul beats a tune of success


I’m living in a hive of honey and bees

Covered by flowers and hugging trees

Once an injured mystery bird, now set free



Ivor Steven (c) 2019

The Return of My Dragon

On a May evening a year ago, back in Bensalem (near Philadelphia), I was watching a TV show called, “Game Of Thrones”, with my Cousin’s Ken & Joanne, their children, and the grand-children…. they were all enthralled by the series concluding episode….of course I was on the Dragon’s side…..and after the show finished, I wrote this poem for them….


The Return of My Dragon


My Dragon, has been away searching

Flying his mystical universe

Traversing darkness

Between distant stars

Collecting the negative pieces

Of my lost soul

Welding them back together

Using all the inner forces

Of his fiery belly

And melting her throne of thorns

Into a bubbling river of molten swords

Cascading upon our stairway to heaven

Breaking yesteryear’s curse

Returning her betrayed body

Into my forever dreams

Of a glorious blue yonder

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Dragons And Faeries

Dragons And Faeries


My dragon flew me to New York

His scaly tail was singed

By the stoic statue’s torch

As we were landing, upon Central Park

And in the city’s mystical forest I stood

Amongst strawberry fields and woods

Atop the plaque of my dreams

I imagined, how life should’ve been


My naked soul, a vision unseen

I have a dream, like John’s world

Togetherness, love pristine

The apple uneaten

And the snake shyly beaten

I see peace, within evil’s tiredness

Burnt-out flames, of the devil’s nakedness

Leaving us life’s, leftover ashes

Then the peace dove shall arise from the ruins

And the lost faeries, will return as humans




Ivor Steven (c)  May 2019



Kingdom of Flowers

Remembering my wonderful trip to the magnificent “Longwood Gardens”, founded by Pierre S. du Pont, an hour west of Philadelphia, near Kennett Township. A day I shall never forget, especially with my two  fabulous cousins Terry and Maureen.

Kingdom of Flowers

I stood in His kingdom today

Of flowers and fragrances

Holding her colourful bouquet

Amazed by His stunning flower-bed

I gazed at heaven’s golden archway

Guarded by rows of leafy hedges

Underneath, lay edges of reds and blues

And soft petals of yellows and purples

I floated, from the ground cover shrubbery

To the canopy’s crested scenery

Where the horizon’s reflection

enchanted my eye

Sprinkling rainbows across His azure sky



Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Our Garden Seat

In response to Sadje’s Prompt, “What do you see”….To visit her fabulous site, please click on here >>HERE.


Our Garden Seat


Beyond where anyone can see

Past the rain and pain

I’m bathing in the Milky-way

On the edge of the black sea

Away from yesterday’s heat

Under Eden’s golden tree

There’s a comfy garden seat

A resting place, for you and me

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

A Flower-bed Of Dreams


A Flower-bed Of Dreams


The clouds parted, exposing a river bright blue

My hazy visions, suddenly became true

I’m standing in a flower-bed of dreams

I see strawberry fields covered in sun-beams

My veins feel like bubbling mountain streams

The family circle, has my heart bursting at the seams



Ivor Steven (c)  April 2019

Feel The River Flow

This time last year I was in Philadelphia, visiting my cousins and their families (their children & grand-children), and enjoying the “time of my life”


Feel The River Flow


There’s more to see, and things to do

Steel bridges and worn cobblestones

Wide rivers and heavy highways

Waterfront piers and riverside parks

Ancient history and old monuments

Suburban Philadelphia and New Jersey cross-overs

Faraway cousins and new family’s found

Niece’s, nephews and grandchildren abound

Greeting hugs and welcoming hearts

Blissful times and precious memories



Ivor Steven (c)  May 2019