Feathering The Air

Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

“If you done it, it ain’t bragging.” ― Walt Whitman

Feathering the Air

Months of dullness have trudged by

Covid’s vultures hovered in the sky

As shadows of gravity, stained blind eyes

Fields are now lush with clover

Enough to feed every horse and his drover

And waiting time appears to be over

A book of fresh words feathers the air

Breezing through grandma’s rocking chair

Singing a poet’s story of dare and despair

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Curtain Call

But the show always goes on … and my Book “Tullawalla” (Paperback edition) is finally available at Barnes & Noble.. here is a link ..
>> Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Curtain Call

the curtain is closed

and mourning time froze

coldness invades the light

mindless thoughts taste like egg-white

bland secrets, now out of sight

how can daytime be the answer?

to the people’s climb

when the sunlight knowingly

reveals the world’s crimes

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

“Tullawalla” is HERE!

Yeah … after 10 weeks of waiting since my book launch on March 30th, today I am pleased to announce that the Paperback edition of “Tullawalla” is now available at Barnes & Noble for online ordering … via this link >>
Tullawalla by Ivor Steven, Kerri Costello, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)
Sorry, but the Hardcover is still unavailable … and despite all the ongoing printing problems, for me, this is a dream come true, so appropriately I am presenting one of my favourite poems from my Book… “Dreams of the Heart”

Dreams of The Heart

I cannot walk the continents

Like the intrepid Marco Polo

But my feet have felt the sands of time

Pass between my toes

I have not sailed the high seas

Like the courageous Christopher Columbus

But my body has bathed

In an ocean full of kind hearts

I am yet to fly in space

Like the brave Neil Armstrong

But I have reached for the stars

And touched my soul’s dreams

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Throwback Friday, a Poem by W.B Yeats

A the moment, during another Lockdown situation, I have been reading a book of W.B Yeats poems, called “W. B. Yeats Selected Poems”, which is published by ‘Penguin Classics’ , and I have scanned this poem “Men Improve with the Years” from the book for you to enjoy too. A poem W. B. Yeats wrote in July 1916 …

  • Triton, Sea-diety of Semi-human form.

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Yes, They Know!

Yesterday I sent a comment to Suzanne’s article [The Fork in the Road – Mapping uncertainty (wordpress.com)], and my words were basically the same as my poem below …
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Yes, They Know!

silently waiting

under our sacred Uluru

the ancient rock is ready to erupt

corporate bodies lie

governments lie

banks lie

religious leaders lie

and we the human race

blindly commit suicide

everyday we are damaging mother nature

the lifeblood of planet earth

greed is not a life giving seed

greed only makes the down trodden bleed

and continually queuing up for a feed

greed never listens

to our compassionate or humanitarian pleas

our dreams are being slowly strangled

by mysterious chemicals and noxious weeds

and we are drowning in mercury filled seas

you know what really “Bugs” me

that those despots, who own this stupid world




Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

My Faerie Godmother, Joanna

Here is another poem that I recently submitted, but failed at the selection table, but again, I am now allowed to publish this piece here on my Website… Enjoy !!

My Faerie Godmother, Joanna

The midnight hour is here, and I am ready to hit the moonlit track

Beyond the starry silence, I hear the mystical forest calling me back

My bones are trembling with nervous anticipation

As I sense faerie dust drifting over the blue-gum plantation

Urging me to visit my faerie godmother, Joanna

My days with her are always fun, especially playing with her pet goanna

Her tiny cottage is near the coastal village of Ulladulla

On the banks of the mysteriously green lake Coonawarra

Where auntie Joanna flits about in the purple shadows of her Jacaranda trees

While teasing and dancing in between her pet goanna’s crooked knees

I have been hiking for hours and dawn is breaking

And I pause to bask in the morning’s magical awakening

However, the air is far too still, and I feel something is amiss

Usually, my auntie would be flitting about to playfully blow me a kiss

Then the local mayor comes forward with the sad news about Joanna

My faerie godmother has been eaten by her pet goanna

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021


Today’s poem “Untethered”, is also uncaptured … a submission of mine that failed at the selection table, but not to worry, because now I am allowed to publish the poem here on my websibe …


With my back against the setting sun

I will fly toward a placid place, not yet overrun

Where the ground is not made of buried heads and limbs

I will untether my sturdy spacecraft Itmims*

And traverse the universe to discover a new world

Another planet of wonderment, yet unfurled

Where rivers and oceans are crystal clear

And unmasked, I can breathe the atmosphere

Where flowering plains are home to sacred trees

And native fauna roam wild and free

*Itmims, Ivor’s time machine in micro space

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

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