What Can I Do

Procrastination is the root of all procrastination…

  for her support and encouragement to present this piece of mine, which I thought was just a poem of jumbled emotions. Oh, and the answer to all of my procrastinating way back then, I decided to keep her at home, and we lived happily ever after. I didn’t listen to the advice of others, and in the end it was the best decision of my life, for me and for her …xx There’s a song to go with it, which coincidently came out after I wrote my poem….. Attached below.  The above featured picture was taken years after I had happily decided to keep her at home for the rest of her life……(She passed 9 months after this beautiful picture was taken, with her glorious “everlasting smile”.           https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/everlasting-smile/

What Can I Do


What am I expected to do

When is so much, too much to do

Why am I so scared, what can I do

What is the future, for me and for you


How will I say, I’m too tired for you

When is the day, to tell you

Will I hurt too much, to be without you

How will I know, when the time’s due


Why is it so, what can I do

Where is the place, I’m putting you

Why am I frightened, no, no, not easy to do

When I finally have to, and don’t want to


Who am I, to have this over you

What is the answer, for me and for you

Now or never, could that be true

How by myself, I’ll never be able to


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tall Ships, An Encore

Fellow passengers, we’re calm and afloat

I must moor this old sailing boat

We’ll all alight

Walk the plank tonight

Venture ashore

Continue to explore

Search the store

Behind every closed-door

Under creaky floors

Inside living pores


I’m ready for the chore

I need to know more

Discover the winning score

Before I’m too poor

Let me go, let me soar

Fly me to my encore


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Sailing By

Gone, a day, weeks, years

Gone, sailing by, lonely nights

Gone, sailing by, the good times

Gone, the years of a life-time


What’s the difference between desire and passion

What’s the chance of finding one in billion

There’s millions in the oceans of the world

There’s thousands of beats to every new heart


What’s the difference between love and pain

What’s the chance of falling in love again

There’s millions of stars in the Milky-Way

There’s hundreds of dreams about love yesterday


What’s the difference between the sea and the sky

What’s the chance of sharing the horizon in July

There’s no answers to your questions

There’s months’ of wonders in the four seasons


Whats the difference the calm and the storm

What’s the chance of being forever warm

There’s dozens of lies before the truth

There were two lives’ under your roof


Gone, a day, weeks, years

Gone, sailing by, your soft nights

Gone, sailing by, the good times

Gone, the years of your lifetime


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Drifting Sand Dunes

Life continues to deal me arduous tests

Unyielding, believing I’ve tried my best

As the sands of time fall through my hands like dust

Leaving drifting dunes of insurmountable crests


There’s deepening exams of my souls treasure chest

Tearing at my broken hearts hidden pieces

Gnawing away at my inner fibre, a devils feast

Leaving my naked bones scarred by the beast


This stormy life of mine, challenges seem endless

Soaking rain and a raging tempest

Twisting my sinews and veins into a vortex

Leaving my inner demons anxiously wondering what’s next


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Behind Closed Doors, Poems That Mean Nothing To Me Anymore.

What door have you closed
in your life, and why?
Will you ever open it again?

Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 20, Posted by calensariel in Blogging




Never again I say

Do I give my heart away

That’s the way my life may stay

Words will be left here today

Wasted in their disarray

Abandoned yesterday



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Tit Bits #8

My morning shines golden sunrays

Your poem debuts my day

My lips do quietly say

Your silent words are here to stay


Words Of reality you rhymed

Recalling life’s ebbs and flows

Like the sands of time

Warm between your toes


Cruising on the winds of time

Messages of love and rhyme

Observing bodies entwined

Upon every moonlit line.


I’ve a terrible dilemma

My memory’s long and vivid

Wishing for many more to come

I suppose I’ll have to march on

Into the future and enjoy the show

Leave behind what’s buried in snow


Green covers everything

Green’s the colour of spring

Green makes my heart sing

Green’s the sparkle on my angels’ wings


Ivor Steven (c)  2018


Secrets Of Mine

Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 19. Posted by in Blogging  

“What have you done 
that no one knows about?”

When I was ten and brave

I climbed our tree, a giant Peppercorn

Nearly midnight, and I clambered stark naked.

Maybe it was a full-moon


When I was fourteen and timid

I quickly kissed the girl next door

Under a midday sun, bashfully red-faced

Maybe it was spring-time


When I was seventeen, my voice had broken

I met a gorgeous school girl

I’d walk her home, hand in hand, and in love

I shyly asked her to marry me

She was wiser than me, and said no

I was young and naive


When I was twenty-six and carefree

I married the girl of my dreams

We needed shelter and a home

I went to the local bank for a loan

I lied to the manager and declared assets falsely

We moved into our house, and lived happily ever-after


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Down Along The River Bed

The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 18. Posted by in Blogging

If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?


I arose from the dead

Uncovering pieces of me, I dread

Old body parts I must shred

Blobs of fatty tissue to shed

Sinkers of lead inside my head

Drag me down along the river bed


A stainless steel ankle plate

More than an arthritic ache

Pins and needles spike my heal

Soon I’ll need pump-up wheels


My unrepaired tear ducts

Flowing cascades

Pour over etched eye facets

Like flooded Everglades


Black-metal lays upon my soul

Eclipsing my deepest goals

Darkened shrapnel shards

Deal me unforeseen tarot cards


There’s a hole in my heart

Where a silver coated bullet

Fired from an empty pulpit

Ripped my senses apart


If I throw out the truth

What remains of myself

I might as well be dead

Only words left inside my head


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

In My Time

A sincere thank you to Colleen of Chatterblog, for inspiring me to write these few simple words about my childhood days, via a recent gorgeous post https://bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/if-you-didnt-ever/

In my time

trees I did climb

played hide and seek

always had a peak

went to the park

’til after dark

built my own fort

enjoyed my sport

day dreamed in class

smart enough to pass

nicked my brothers shoes

teased my sister too

In my time

I laughed with you

Ivor Steven (c)  2018