“Eclectic Words”, Geelong Writers Anthology, 2021

The Geelong Writers annual anthology for 2021, “Eclectic Words”, was released during the week, and I am delighted to announce that 3 of my pieces were accepted by the selection panel. I must say it’s a honour and a thrill to have these articles represented in my hometown’s foremost literary anthology. Attached below, I have scanned the items directly from my copy of the Anothology

In The Poetry Section.

In The Horror Section, (I have 2 pieces)

Ivor Steven (c) April 2nd 2022

Back Copies

Hello dear readers, especially those in Australia, the Positive Words magazines for Creative Writers everywhere, are indeed a fabulous read .. and I thoroughly recommended them to you … see original post for details

Positive Words Magazine

I have lots of extra back copies and I’m trying to clear some space in my very cluttered office.

Send (or direct deposit) $2.20 for one recent back copy, $3.30 for two or $5.50 for four different copies.

Just the price of postage 🙂

Great reading and inspiration. Each issue contains a wide range of poetry and stories from writers all over Australia as well as prompts for writing.

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Tullawalla Booklets, at “Grill’d” On Pakington Street

Here I am at “Grill’d” On Pakington Street

Enjoying a few relaxing beers

I introduce myself to Ryan, chef and barman, in charge

We chat about our travel adventures

Then I happened to mention that I’m a writer

And he’s genuinely interested in my poetry booklets

After talking about the purpose of my writings

Ryan enthusiastically agrees to display a couple of my books

On the restaurant’s customer magazine rack

I’m humbled, and smiling, beyond pleased

I explain to Ryan, there’s an advert inside the covers

Informing the readers, that they may purchase the books

A few blocks down, on Pakington Street

At the counter of the M.S. Charity shop

With all proceeds going to the M.S. Society

I gratefully shake Ryan’s hand

And I say I’ll be back regularly, to change-over the booklets

Cheers To Ryan, and a sincere thank you to “Grill’d” On Pakington Street.


Please take the time to Click on this link to find out more about, “Grill’d” On Pakington Street.  https://www.grilld.com.au/restaurants/victoria/geelong/pakington-st#GoogleLocal



Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019