“Dreams Of The Heart”, Published On SpillWords…..

Dear readers, I’m pleased to announce, that my poem “Dreams Of The Heart’, has been published by,  SpillWords Magazine, and a sincere thank you goes to Dagmara . K, and the Editing Department at SpillWords for their kind consideration of my poem. As most of my readers may know, it’s now nine months  since I suffered another stroke, and I’m feeling humbly proud, that I’ve been able to come back to writing again, and be rewarded with having my words published……… A big heartfelt thanks to all of my followers, supporters and friends, here on WordPress…… ((Hugs)) to you all…..

Dreams Of The Heart

written by: Ivor Steven

I cannot walk the continents
Like the intrepid Marco Polo
But my feet have felt the sands of time
Pass between my toes

To read more…… Please Click on this Link >> https://spillwords.com/dreams-of-the-heart/  and view my poem on the “SpillWords” magazine……..

In the Ivor tradition of posts/poems, the good news of course, deserves a song/music…. and who else would I choose, other than Leonard Cohen, and here I’m playing one of his most profound and poetic pieces, “Villanelle For Our Time” ………


Ivor Steven (c)  July 2019