Deep and Deeper?

The inspiration behind my philosophical poem, came from two fellow blogger’s articles today … please visit their fabulous sites by clicking the links below >
Annette >>
Frank >>

Deep and Deeper?

while afloat we keep seeking 

and building boats that keep leaking 

time sails by and we keep weeping

I often wonder how deep

humanity’s knowledge is

yet unseen …

how deep are our oceans

yet unseen …

how deep is the universe

yet unseen …

how deep is humanity’s love

for one another

yet unseen …

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Ivor Steven (c) March 2023

Now, Tomorrow, and How

Happy New Year!! 2023 …

Now, Tomorrow, and How

The afternoon before New Year’s Eve

Before Two Thousand and Twenty Three

I am hanging out at the Box Office Cafe

Soaking up the swarmy summer sun

Lounging in a seductive sea breeze

The final day of the year

Has become almost perfect

And I am listening to the blarney tunes

Of the Irish band “Flogging Molly”

I am smiling, swaying, and dreaming

About now, tomorrow, and how

“My empty hands are full

Of memories and rhymes” *

* A quote from my book ‘Tullawalla’

Tullawalla is Available From

Jaymah Press:

Ivor Steven: email,

Amazon: search via, ‘Tullawalla by Ivor Steven’

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Ivor Steven (c) January 2023

Lost, Without a Compass (I’m lost for words)

Here is a poem I wrote 2 years ago after Trumps devisive and undemoncratic tactics during his USA election campaign … but “today” for a different invasion of “injustice” my poem seems to be appropriate again ….

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”
Nelson Mandela

“If you want to improve your quality of life and the quality of life for all women, never stop questioning society or calling for change.”
Justina De Pierris

Lost, Without a Compass

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

Do Not Quote Me?

This poem is not really a poem, but a poem made from some of my quotes that I have occasionally posted here on my site, and the creating of this collection/poem was prompted by Derrick Knight’s, Feature Image Above >> and you may visit his site via this link >>

Do Not Quote Me?

“A poet following a poet, gives you poetry in motion”

“The tunnel is growing wider 

The light is glowing brighter”

“He who worships from the tallest tree, 

should be weary of the broken branches he trod on below” 

“Stories emanate from the heart. Literature lives in every heartbeat “

“Not all literature is perfect, none of us are perfect”

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

I Tried

After times of sorrow 

Hope lives on,

in tomorrow 

So sings,

my little sparrow

All my mountains

have been climbed 

All my climbs

had their falls and failures 

Then ultimately

I tried to reach my goal

“Except that the goal

Falls short of the reach” … Leonard Cohen, from his song ‘The Goal’

Ivor Steven ©  May 2022

Rivers of Love, is up at Spillwords Magazine

I am ecstatic that during this month of personal remembrance for me, to have my special poem/Tanka, “Rivers of Love” published at Spillwords Magazine today, and I am very grateful to the editor Dagmara for accepting my piece .. Pease go and visit my poem at Spillwords and if you wish, leave a 💗 for my article, by clicking on this link >>

Rivers Of Love (a Tanka, with an introduction quote)
Written by, Ivor Steven

How many rivers of tears must I cry. Before all the deepest wells run dry”Ivor Steven, May 2012

The hail’s coldness stings
An old wind pierces my eyes
As yesterdays tears
Etch raw ravines in my cheeks
Her rivers of love run deep

Ivor Steven (c) April 2022

Icy, (a Haiku)

The Featured Image above, contains my words and some thoughts about the art of how I write poetry. A big thank you to “Coffee House Writers” for posting the article on their Instagram, and Facebook, sites …

Icy. (a Haiku)

A decade has gone
Since that icy day in May
Loneliness is cold 

Ivor Steven (c) April 2022

Right or Wrong, It’s Your Song (Revised)

Today I read these incredible words on Colleen Brown’s “The Chatter Blog” site.

“Tho’ my voice maybe tuneless
Don’t discount my song
My song sings emotion – pitch perfect” … Faherty Brown

Here is the link to Colleen’s article >

And after reading her beautiful quote … a poem that I wrote back in May 2018, now appears to be more meaningful than what I originally thought my words were about.

Right or Wrong, It’s Your Song (Revised)

Who knows the words to your song

Who sings in tune to your song

Who is to say a song is right

Or a song is wrong

It is not their song

It is not my song

It is your song

Right or wrong

And we we all here for the same song

Let us all sing the song

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

An Emerald Tapestry

  “Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” ― Leonard Cohen
Featured Image Above: taken from the lookout at the Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe, overling the emerald valley …

An Emerald Tapestry

I resumed living last decade

Narrowly surviving gravities finality

Now, I lean against my tower’s balustrade

That overlooks an emerald valley

Echoing from my castle’s balcony

I hear Leonard Cohen’s words about life’s pagentry

Outlining the spiritual tapestry

Of commonality, morality, and vitality

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021