Swallowed by The Sun (Revised)

On a fiery hot suburban street

Cobblestones are melting the crowd’s feet

Bursting blisters, of the ignorant

Burning souls, in the innocent

Ultraviolet rays are scorching everyone

Our world is being swallowed by the sun

Oh, what have us human’s done

All the rivers are running dry

Fish lay on barren land, wanting to die

Polar icebergs are often seen gliding by

Penguins are moaning without their icy slides

And you’ll hear the baby whales cry

As the ocean, sadly waves us goodbye

Our Angel’s wings are singed and cannot fly

Old mother earth is quickly going awry

And father time is forever asking why

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

“New Mushrooms”, my 2nd Poem in the Red Wolf Journal, A Change of World Spring 2022 Edition

Featured Image Above: with the kind permission of Derrick Knight >> https://derrickjknight.com/

The ediditor of Red Wolf Journal, Irene Toh, is pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2022 Issue.

The poets with work in the A Change of World edition are:

Dmitry Blizniuk
Paul Brooke
Jeff Burt
Joe Cottonwood
CS Crowe
Mary Anna Scenga Kruch
Ron. Lavalette
Joan Mazza
Karla Linn Merrifield
Peter Mladinic
Larry Oakner
Frederick Pollack
Emalisa Rose
Timothy Resau
Rikki Santer
Emil Sinclair
Ivor Steven
Debi Swim

You may download a copy of the PDF release here.

A Change of World Spring 2022 Issue 20


You’re invited to submit to our new issue, also titled A Change of World, Fall 2022 Edition. Read our submission guidelines here. Happy writing!

Irene Toh
Spring 2022 Edition

A sincere thank you to the editor Irene, for considering two my of poems for her superb anthology “A Change Of World”

New Mushrooms

After the storm

Old boundaries were transformed

Fences were moved and torn

Fields smelled of rotting corn

Patient vultures remained airborne

Above the drowning longhorn’s

After the storm

I rested under the peppercorn

And I saw new mushrooms rise with the dawn

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Until Eyes Hear Sound

Featured Image Above: By Derrick Knight, and I am sincerely grateful to Derrick for allowing me to use his wonderful photos here in collaboration with my poems.

Until Eyes Hear Sound

The air I breathe

Purifying within

free to leave

free as the wind

I wonder at nature’s freshness

early in the morning

we take her for granted

our perennial mother earth

nurturing a new start to every day

I wish mankind could

begin afresh like her

Searches are many

answers unwound

mirrors our insanity

until eyes hear sound

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Waiting For The Revolving Door

This week the Wednesday Challenge from Weekly Prompts is; OVERTHINK. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . And today I have been “Overthinking” to make any sense out of my thoughts during the writing of my poem tonight …

Waiting at the Door

I was waiting last year

waiting last month

waiting last week

waiting yesterday

I am waiting again tonight

do I wait for tomorrow?

I might as well keep waiting

wait for what I have been waiting for

wait for that revolving door

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Who Rang the Bell 

I am a tiring old writer 

like a punch-drunk fighter 

who buckled and fell 

before the round eleven bell 

lying flat on the bloody canvas 

wishing I were ambidextrous 

like the incredible Emily Dickison 

(Oh, she must have been!) 

and have I more stories in my subconscious?

ring the bell for round twelve 

I am in the corner, blindly courageous 

sitting here within my dizziness 

waiting for the new world to stop being carnivorous 

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Strong Undertows, is up at Coffee House Writers Magazine

Hello dear readers and followers, as you may know, I now write for “Coffee House Writers” magazine on a fortnightly basis, and my poem “Strong Undertows” is in this weeks edition of Coffee House Writers Magazine. … please click on the link below and visit my poem, at Coffee House Writers .

Strong Undertows

Time hears no command

The sky is our blue grandstand

Overseeing oceans and lands

As the sun warms our silent clock hands

The seasons come and go

Springtime melts the snow

Nature’s seeds germinate and grow

And our rivers of life continue to flow

Has mankind become a pantomime show?

And Forgotten to ask the owls and crows

How to fly through?

The bad years of strong undertows

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021

That Old Familiar Fireplace

The year faltered and stumbled by

After Santa’s last reindeer traveled the sky

Months of ‘covid’ blocked all roads to Rome

That prevented families from going home

When the festive season did arrive

Finally there were real hugs and high fives

Rejoicing among warm hearts and smiling faces

Standing cozily beside those old familiar fireplaces

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021

Future Skies (a Tanka)

Featured Image Above; and the two images below, are photos from Derrick Knight’s recent post “Pool Patterns”, and you may visit his article by clicking on this link
>> https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/16/pool-patterns/

Pool Patterns

Future Skies

An old graceful world 

Shimmers upon mirrored pond 

Timeless images 

Nature’s blameless history 

Awaits future smogless skies 

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021