Yes, They Know!

Yesterday I sent a comment to Suzanne’s article [The Fork in the Road – Mapping uncertainty (], and my words were basically the same as my poem below …
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Yes, They Know!

silently waiting

under our sacred Uluru

the ancient rock is ready to erupt

corporate bodies lie

governments lie

banks lie

religious leaders lie

and we the human race

blindly commit suicide

everyday we are damaging mother nature

the lifeblood of planet earth

greed is not a life giving seed

greed only makes the down trodden bleed

and continually queuing up for a feed

greed never listens

to our compassionate or humanitarian pleas

our dreams are being slowly strangled

by mysterious chemicals and noxious weeds

and we are drowning in mercury filled seas

you know what really “Bugs” me

that those despots, who own this stupid world




Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Under Burnt Fields

Under Burnt Fields


To the east, across the bay

The horizon is a smokey haze

To the west, across the plains

The paddocks have been smokey for days

I gaze up, towards the sun

The sky is a smokey grey


Beyond the horizon, there’s our Tasman Sea

Under the burnt fields, there awaits the seeds

Above the smokey clouds, there is a blue sky


I know the moon will bring the tide in again

I know the oceans will eventually produce rain

I know this living hell cannot last forever

I know this to be a message from mother nature


Do they hear her chasms crying

Do they understand! Stop the lying


Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020


A big thank you to Kate of  “CalmKate” for inspiring me, and rekindling a poem I was working on last week, please visit her forthright article, “fires ignite justice” by clicking >>Here



The earth is waiting

Sick of human’s, and their time wasting


Waiting for their promised cheers

Waiting for less destructive years

Will they give her resolutions of better times?

Will they read, Thor’s neon signs

Will they notice, a smoke covered sun?

Will they be able to breath the air, as a united one?


The earth cannot watch, nor wait

While human’s feed their own greedy plate


Why are they celebrating?

Like blind fools, that are always pretending

As if nothing is going wrong

Can’t they hear the whales crying songs?

Can’t they see the polar caps are melting?

Can’t they taste the venom of government’s lying?


In the following video/song, if you could metaphorically place earth and human’s between the lyrics, you might understand why I chose this song by Damien Rice..



Ivor Steven (c)  Jan 2020



Blinded by The Bight

Blinded By The Bight


With my eyes shut tight

I felt a blue shark bite

Angrily into my neck

How did he arrive on this deck

Floundering, covered in watery oil

His sad crimson eyes on the boil

The society’s outcast, washed ashore

A native ejection, from offshore bores

Hanging there, in our Great Australian Bight

And jointly, we’re sharing similar pains tonight

Both, corporate debris, lost and out of sight

He has dry landed, I am a broken kite


“Puppets”,  lyrics by Leonard Cohen

German puppets burned the Jews
Jewish puppets did not choose
Puppet vultures eat the dead
Puppet corpses they are fed
Puppet winds and puppet waves
Puppet sailors in their graves
Puppet flower, puppet stem
Puppet time dismantles them
Puppet me and puppet you
Puppet German
Puppet Jew

Puppet Presidents command
Puppet troops to burn the land
Puppet fire, puppet flames
Feed on all the puppet names
Puppet lovers in their bliss
Turn away from all of this
Puppet reader shakes his head
Takes his puppet wife to bed
Puppet me and puppet you
Puppet German, puppet Jew

Puppet Presidents command
Puppet troops to burn the land
Puppet fire, puppet flames
Feed on all the puppet names
Puppet night comes down to play
The after act to puppet day


Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019


On a starry Autumn night

Laying under the cosmic sky

I see a universe beyond

The galaxy’s, milky way

With unnumbered orbiting planets

Astronomer’s, clearly hearing their sound

Radars that echo, there’s no shadow of doubt

Out there somewhere

In the vastness of space

Another similar earth, co-exists


Do those purple aliens

Wait and wonder

Look to the cosmos and ponder

When will humanity arrive

Invading their picturesque, violet atmosphere

Ravaging innocent foreign lives

Bowing to the human war cry

Assimilate or die


“Melancholy Man” The Moody Blues

I’m a melancholy man, that’s what I am,
All the world surrounds me, and my feet are on the ground.
I’m a very lonely man, doing what I can,
All the world astounds me and I think I understand
That we’re going to keep growing, wait and see.When all the stars are falling down
Into the sea and on the ground,
And angry voices carry on the wind,
A beam of light will fill your head
And you’ll remember what’s been said
By all the good men this world’s ever known.
Another man is what you’ll see,
Who looks like you and looks like me,
And yet somehow he will not feel the same,
His life caught up in misery, he doesn’t think like you and me,
‘Cause he can’t see what you and I can see

Ivor Steven (c)  2019


A Silent Visitor

You’re a friend, you don’t have to phone me

You’re a friend, you don’t have to visit me

You’re a friend, no need to enlist me

You’re a friend, you’ll be the last one I’ll see

Your honesty is an eternal friend to me

Your finality will be a truthful friend to me

No need for your secret messages

No need for your silent thoughts

All I need, is to share the sun

All I need, is to share the rain

Share the moon, and the universe’s pond

Share the spoon that feeds my star beyond

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Just Around The Corner

Thank you to Sue W of Nan’s Farm, << click here, she supplied the title and gave me the inspiration, to write this introverted poem of mine

I’m sorry for smouldering

Smouldering my ashes on your blue sky

I’m on a different kind of angle

Slightly leaning to the right

I used to always turn to the left

That’s when I knew the difference

Between right and wrong

Now, I’m just around the corner

Living on broken cobblestones

And old torn bed-sheets

I’m feeling incompetent in my sleep

Life-long dreams are incomplete

My time here is unwell and unfinished

Unfinished are my words for the future

They’re unwritten from far and near

And this ancient boat needs a good rudder

To steer me through these rough seas


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Time Travelers

It’s that time of the year, a Christmas message from Ivor. And above a picture of my family’s get together, for Danny’s 70th birthday. Only us siblings these days, from the left, Tum(Lawrie’s wife), Ivor, Danny, Lawrie(Standing), Miffy, and Miffy’s John took the picture.


Time Travelers 


Zap, a gigantic lightening bolt precedes a mystical power surge

Traversing the cobalt skies, like horizontally sleek outriggers

Vividly scoring chords, to hang our every word on

Like musical lines, writing out, our lost dreams and regrets


Sound-waves echoing, poles apart, going north, south, east and west

Conducting iridescent lights over our purple and orange sunset

Vibrating quasars, pulsating from deeply inside, outer-space

Focusing towards the huge magnetic Receiving Dish, signalling “An Arrival”



Recording a celestial traveler, singing with an angel’s voice

Resonating sweetly, like Handel’s, Messiah Hallelujah Chorus

Translated into our universal language of symphonic sound

Digitally televised for the world’s population to simultaneously view


The Super-Sonic Cosmic message to be heard loud and clear

“We’ve returned to your degraded planet earth”

“To again, bestow upon you, Peace And Goodwill”

“Like we’ve done before, Eons of Millenniums ago”


Ivor Steven  (c)

I’m Helping Out

Dear readers, if you so desire, please read this article below by BottomLessCoffee, it’s an interesting idea, and one I’m already participating in by sending off this post. Help Me, Help You.

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