Right or Wrong

My poem today is actually made up of 3 different Haiku, however, as what often happens with my jumbled words and thoughts, the 3 stanzas seemed to fit together to form “one” poem …

Right or Wrong

As we scrape along 

In life, we are often wrong 

Before our swan song 

Are we wrong or right? 

Why do we let the moonlight 

Disappear from sight? 

Gloom enfolds the view 

Gey clouds cover rainbow hues 

Darkness stalks us too 

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2021

Worlds Beyond Thoughts

My poem today is made from a list of comments that I have left on fellow ‘Bloggers’ sites, and in order of stanza appearance these are the writers sites for you to visit ..

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Worlds Beyond Thoughts

Laws are merely guide lines

For the arrows of love to climb

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Recalls our joys and falls 

Behind every mask there is a weathered face 

Behind every face old lines survive in place 

Behind every place memories live with grace 

Evil eyes lurk in veiled skies

The wisdom of native ancestors should be listened to

And not be lost to the modern ways this arrogant world

The way of modern progress

Is to leave nature shamefully undressed

Nature and renewal walk down the garden path hand in hand

I hear church bells ring 

I see the mouses die 

And the clouds always cry

Keep the cup full, turn the power on

And the answer will come   

Like a big jigsaw puzzle

Not all the pieces will fit back

And overall the world will look the same

I cannot dwell on what has been 

While I feel my blade of grass is alive and green

Above and beyond the crusty dirt 

The universe is a symphonic concert

They say that the truth hurts

Beware of cold desserts


Ivor Steven (c) September 14th 2021