Pendulum Lights

I was blinded

By the light

Losing the fight


I was silenced

By the noise

Staying without poise


I was attacked

By the crown

Breaking me down


I was sentenced

By the people

Hiding under their steeple


Hung out to dry

Nailed to a cross

Punished for my loss


Surviving, burnt my courage

I battled to be bold

Returning from the cold


I refound my faith

Recouping what they stole

Purifying my lost soul


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

My Blue Statice Blooms Today

Love is a dirty word when I’m alone

Nervously shaking to the bone

Hearing myself rattle unseen

Anxiously sweating, feeling unclean


Awakening, my eyes slowly open

Nightmares diminish, now forgotten

The wind carries sunlight through my dawn’s clouds

My courtyard flowers, stand radiant and proud


Listening, I hear the bird’s morning calls

My gloominess gradually stalls

Sounds of music vibrate the walls

Nature’s crescendos fill my heart’s empty halls

Love is a dirty word no more

Love is within my skins every pore

Ivor Steven (c)  2018


Music, By Xavier Rudd

I’m sitting at home this morning listening to the music of Xavier Rudd, and I’ll post two of songs with the lyrics below. Enjoy his words and his music, he’s an outstanding artist from my local area here, Geelong. Oh, yes, dear readers, the Plumber is going to work soon.

Xavier Rudd Lyrics


Streets full of people
With trinkets to share
Offering them up for folks in despair
Yandi and crystals and oils for growth
Of spirit and body and mind as we go

Emphasis placed on the body and mind
The heart os often somewhere behind

Tiny little bones of the innocent child
Lookin’ up at me with the saddest of eyes
Is her innocence in tact?
Or has it been stained?
Has the creature that feeds her taken it away
So sad it’s strange

I recognize my health
Things I have been dealt
Places that I have roamed
Feelings I’ve had
Things that I know

Home, my home
Home, my home
Home, I’m home

Running through the bush
And all of the trees
Moving in time with my capable speed
Skippy ants claw
At the edge of the bowl
Of the shell of an egg
Of bird long since gone
Maybe it rose up
To spread it’s new wings
Or maybe it nourished
A stronger sibling

Places we roam
And people we meet
Some connections are strong
And some of them are weak
1 or 2 or 3 or 4
Or maybe 5 or 6 or more
Strong as the roots
Of a big old gum tree
And we’ll carry them through
To the next life we see
So beautifully strange

Recognize my health
Things that i have been dealt
Places that i have roamed
Feelings i’ve had
Things that i know

Home, my home
Home, my home
Home, i’m home

Xavier Rudd Lyrics

“Creating A Dream”

Imagine every whale was free to roam
Imagine if the trees could tell us where to go
Imagine that the sun could fill each lonely heart
Imagine confrontation never got a start

Imagine things were always crystal clear
Imagine if the mind never interfered
Imagine we could fly with broken wings
Imagine if the heart could shed its skin

Please patience please, patience please
I’m creating a dream
Please patience please, patience please
I’m creating a dream

Imagine sacred sites were left to be
Imagine if true activists controlled TV
Imagine Captain Watson had the final say
Imagine if industry just had to obey

Please patience please, patience please
I’m creating a dream
Please patience please, patience please
I’m creating a dream
Please patience please, patience please
I’m creating a dream

And there’s no Xavier Rudd music without listening to his magnificent classic “Spirit Bird”

Tit Bits #14

As the crow flies

I’m only a stone’s throw away

From here to beyond the skies

Out to the universe’s Milky-way

Where my dream never dies

I’ll keep dreaming

Until I burst at the seams

Drowning all doubters

In my custard and cream

Don’t misjudge my usefulness

Worn is not torn

With love and tenderness

Worn can be reborn

Your spear is the size of a harpoon

Plunging into my tethered heart

Take my leftover hand

Die with me

Burn our crosses

We’ll apply to the devil for a restart


Ivor Steven (c)  2018

A Creative Piece

Please, No More

This is such a brilliant idea and glorious initiative by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Colleen, of Chatter Blog. and so here is my creative post for the day.

The Chatter Blog

I challenge every creator out there

To speak

To write

To draw

To sing

To photograph

One full day

Without insulting another human being, another culture, another country.

Above, my featured photograph, from today, a beautiful flowering Cyclamen in my fernery. Below a lovely piece of music, Hello, sang in Gaelic, by a 14 year-old girl, Shannon Bryan


And A Poem I wrote back in February 2018

Day Lily And Love

Upon my pillow I sleep.

Good morning, I do peek.

From the cushion of my dreams.

A pads radiating beams.

Blushing red hues, oh so bright.

You bloom during the night.

After cuddling the dew.

You open up your scenic view.

Flowering, standing proud and steep.

Perfection at my feet.

A glorious Lily, like wings of a dove.

And by Day you air your love.



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Do You Know Me

Do you know what I mean

I’m compelled

Not impelled

I’m in a grind

Singularly blind

Do you know what I’ve seen

I’m a slow swimmer

Crawling up river

Mating salmon passing me

Rapids casting me out to sea

Do you know where I’ve been

I’m a lost driver

Unable to deliver

Words unheard, you didn’t read

Wasting another living tree

Do you know what’s the time

I’m now unrequired

Thirsty and tired

Standing on a dry river-bed

Waiting for a dream instead


“I Need You” lyrics

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Lyrics

“I Need You”
When you’re feeling like a lover
Nothing really matters anymore
I saw you standing there in the supermarket
With your red dressing falling and your eyes are to the ground
Nothing really matters, nothing really matters when the one you love is gone
You’re still in me, baby
I need you
In my heart, I need you

Cause nothing really matters
I’m standing in the doorway
You’re walking ’round my place in your red dress, hair hanging down
With your eyes on one, we love the ones we can
Cause nothing really matters when you’re standing, standing

I need you, need you

Cause nothing really matters
We follow the line of the palms of our hands
You’re standing in the supermarket, nothing, holding hands
In your red dress, falling, falling in, falling in
A long black car is waiting ’round
I will miss you when you’re gone
I’ll miss you when you’re gone away forever
Cause nothing really matters
I thought I knew better, so much better

And I need you
I need you

Cause nothing really matters
On the night we wrecked like a train
Purring cars and pouring rain
Never felt right about, never again
Cause nothing really matters
Nothing really matters anymore, not even today
No matter how hard I try
When you’re standing in the aisle, and no, baby
Nothing, nothing, nothing
I need, I need, I need you

I need you
I need you

Just breathe, just breathe
I need you



Ivor Steven (c)  2018