Frustrating And Difficult

The day is wet and dismal

My view of the world is cold and gloomy

I’m troubled in my restricted room

My penwork is a scrawl

To use the keypad on my phone

Is frustrating and difficult

I showered this morning

With the help of nurse Skye

It was frustrating and difficult

Eating my hospital meals

Is frustrating and difficult

To walk anywhere, any distance

I need the assistance of my nurse

It’s frustrating and difficult

I’ve been here before

Eighteen long years ago

Then, I was caring for Carole too

It was very frustrating and difficult

I’m feeling alienated against the norm

My body is worn and torn

Life is frustrating and difficult.

I’m wishing for a chance to be reborn

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

My Lost Sock, A Christmas Story

I’ve selected this poem for Kaylaannauthor”s Blogmas Christmas Contest, please click on here >>>

Contest    I’ve written this piece, as a Christmas Story, to be included in a charity book, for the “Black Dog Institute” here in Australia. The book is to be called, “My Lost Sock”, and every story in the charity book will be anz anecdote about “My Lost Sock”. The Black Dog Institute, is a not-for-profit facility for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Depression and Bipolar disorder.

My Lost Sock, A Christmas Story

I’m a hand knitted woollen sock

Here’s my story from year dot

In the beginning

I started as a piece of spinning

The wool off a sheep’s back

An odd colour of brownie-black

Being spun into dark twines

On a wheel from olden times

Craftily hand knitted

Lovingly, soon to be gifted

There were two of us

We were like knitted twins

Righty and Lefty

And of course I’m Righty

Our gorgeous red-haired spinner and knitter

Had dutifully finished

Cheerfully folded and wrapped

In colourful paper and flower strap

A fabulous Christmas present

For her husband’s aged parent

Soon it was Christmas day

Everyone’s jolly, merry and gay

Drinking red wine, local Cabernet

Eating fish, caught in a nearby bay

And presents opening time began

Families smiled and sang

We’re sitting on Pop’s lap

Gently and slowly unwrapped

Pop proudly exclaims and holds us up

“Look here, see what I’ve got”

Suddenly Pop throws Lefty into the corner

And I’m left dangling like “Little Jack Horner”

There’s much laughter and jokes

Kids come over and give me a friendly poke

Poor discarded Lefty, on the floor with no folks

While I’m up here being kindly stroked

There’s more giggles, they’re all staring at me

Pop’s grinning from ear to ear

Wriggling in his wheelchair to loud cheers

Oh, my discovery, Pop’s left leg’s missing below his knee

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Odds And Ends, Spots And Blots

Lazy Bones

Cordless phones

Garden gnomes

Overhead drones

Windowless homes

Creaks and moans

Lazy bones


Pain is like the rain

It comes and goes

Heavy and light

A Lie

It’s a lie that I don’t cry

It’s a lie that I passed you by

It’s a lie that I never tried

It’s a lie that I’ll never die


Mirror, mirror, on the wall

You showed me how to stand tall

Again, it’s time for your call ………


I’m neither a judge

Nor a dealer in sludge

I’d rather eat some fudge

And give my-side of this life a nudge…….

Even Though

Love is all above thee

Love is a blanket of autumn leaves

Love shower’s us with glee

Love is everywhere, to feel and see



Ivor Steven (c)  2018

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Odds And Ends, I’m So Tired


There is shame

There is blame

That we need to tame

To love our own name

Day And Night

There’s dark, then light

Like there’s day and night

Sunrise and sunset

Like there’s life and regrets

Life ebbs and flows

Life comes and goes

There’s reality, then dreams

Life’s mixture of honey and cream

Sticky and sweet

Like every heart-beat


Sometimes I’ve very little

Left in me to deal

Sometimes having very little

Of me, is very real

Sometimes we need a little boost

To be able to heal

Sometimes your words are enough

For me to see and feel

Here And There

Looking up at night-sky everywhere

I imagine being lost in here and there

Picking blue stars for us to wear

A Kiss

“I promise, your kiss I won’t fight”

I shall silently listen tonight

And dream of your delight

A blissful kiss, soft and light



Ivor Steven (c)  2018


My Sunday Quotes


Breathing slowly, is the key

The calm, opens doors

Fresh air, flows through

Feel love, within you


Who needs reality

The world is a dying fantasy

Welcome to my dream world

Come with me, have a twirl


Sibling love is strong

Through right and wrong

A Cold Soul

The mending of one’s soul

Only time thaws the cold


The timing is perfect

I’ve nothing to expect

Of what’s left

After life’s grand theft

Love Words

To write a true love poem

You let your heart ink the words


Hunters & Collectors Lyrics

“True Believers”
I know your face, I’ve seen it before
A faded memory, a voice through the door
Tell me your name – are you friend or foe?
A star-crossed lover with nowhere to go

True believer you’re an open book
The stalls are empty everywhere you look
So long to a night well spent
You can’t remember where the money all went

You only did it for the good times
One of the true believers
I know the pleasure that you live for
Must be the last of the self-deceivers

Let’s go dancing in our Sunday clothes
Let’s raise a glass to the life we chose
Can’t believe after all these years
You’re still laughing – it brings me to tears

Sinking slowly – the champagne flowed
I was a child up until you showed
Don’t be ashamed – let there be no regrets
For the nights of madness we can’t forget

You only did it for the good times
One of the true believers
I know the pleasure that you live for
Must be the last of the self-deceivers

Tell me your name – I’ll keep you in mind
A true heart is the hardest to find
I know your face – I’ve seen it before
A faded memory at the nightclub door

You only did it for the good times
One of the true believers
I know the pleasure that you live for
Must be the last of the self-deceivers

You only did it for the good times
One of the true believers
I know the pleasure that you live for
Must be the last of the self-deceivers

True Believers

True Believers

True Believers

True Believers


Ivor Steven (c)  2018