Bullets Do Fly

Enjoyed the high speed bullet train experience from Beijing to Hangzhou

Hangzhou is considered the tea capital of China, and we visited the Tea House at Meijiawu Tea Village

The Tea Village was a beautiful place, set in a lush green valley

A atmosphere of peace and tranquillity within the village itself

Suzhou Tonight

Hi Dear readers, today is my 6th day in China, and the first time I’ve had a consistent Wi-Fi connection.

Walk To The Moon

I did walk on The Great Wall

The Wall can be seen by a man on the moon

Well look at me now, Neil

Here I am on top of the World

And I saw a hole in the wall

Crouching down low, I peered

Through a bluestone window

And what did I espy

I saw another piece of the Wall

A guardian tower, standing tall

Ivor Steven (c) 2018

Flying Behind a Mask

I’m on the flight to far away lands

Chatting to a lady beside me, Sue

She’s a fellow poet too

A member of the Canberra Writer’s

I’m a long long way from home

Travelling back in time

Already two hours behind

Jetting my way to ancient China

To visit the old Forbidden City

Palace of bygone Dynasty’s

Then I’ll walk upon The Great Wall

Feel the ghostly bones beneath my toes

Who’s to say dead fish don’t fly

I’m eating Barramundi and bamboo sauce in the sky

Watching Nick Cave performing on screen

His spectacular concert in Copenhagen

Sipping on a Wolf Blass red wine

I’m relaxing and flying high

Ivor Steven (c) 2018