A Luxury of Green, Xanadu

This weekend the Saturday challenge from Weekly Prompts, and their monthly colour challenge for April is: Xanadu. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking > HERE

Above Images: Photos from my fernery, of the Philodendron Xanadu.


A Luxury of Green, Xanadu: A Cinquain* poem



Kubla Khan times

A Palace of beauty

Mystical Xanadu city

Did thrive


*A Cinquain is 5 lines: 
Line 1: 2 syllables 
Line 2: 4 syllables 
Line 3: 6 syllables 
Line 4: 8 syllables 
Line 5: 2 syllables 

And here’s my favourite “Green” song, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Leaving Green Sleeves’



Ripened Fruit

I’m climbing a ladder in my suit

to pick the ripened fruit

stretching high and askew

I’ve been told not too

step off the the ground

and stay here, earthly bound

but how else am I to fly

and reach my star in the sky


a lady told me I was wise

but my wisdom is only a disguise

hiding my old wounds and bruises

from my ripened fruits fallen excuses



Ivor Steven (c)  April 2020

Throwback Friday, Waterways, by Ivor Steven

One of my old poems, that was published in the Geelong Writers Annual poetry Anthology in 2018, is up at ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’…..

Go Dog Go Café


The poem I’m presenting today was published in the Geelong Writers Poetry Anthology, 2018, and I had submitted this poem to various magazines over the years, and to have “Waterways” finally published, especially in my home town’s prestigious Poetry Anthology, pleased me greatly.


Thinking about jumping into the waterfall from above

Diving into her churning pool of heartache, called love

Surging through the cascading rapids, of loves ups and downs

Settling upon her icy lake, where lovers often drown

Flowing down the valley river, to where all waterways meet

Trickling across her dry creek-bed, under the dampened sheet

Spreading amongst the delta swamp, both bitter and sweet

Flooding onto her warm salt flats, discovering the open heat

Spilling the water-lilies of love, over seas blue and deep

Joining her ocean of lost love, caressing her to sleep

Ivor Steven (c) April 2020

G’day, and welcome to my blog site…

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Another Day

The muted day is ambling by

Grey clouds blowing in the sky

Banks of rain tears are flowing down

I’m sheltering under my iron crown


I wonder about today and tomorrow

When are we to reappear from our burrows

Winter approaches to cool the ground

Autumn colours are vanishing uncrowned

The super-bug remains lingering in the air

And Scientist are striving to snuffle this virus affair




Ivor Steven (c)  April 2020

Blossom Over Jerusalem – Ivor Steven

My poem “Blossom Over Jerusalem” is published at FREE VERSE REVOLUTION, and thank you to the editor Krsistiana for accepting this piece…..


I write about the purple moon

That eats the night with a silver spoon

I write about the yellow sun

That bathes our day with gold by the ton


I hear the birds’ morning songs

They caress the world’s souls, right or wrong

I hear the animals’ mighty roars

They remind us of the great outdoors


I see the blue sky above

Where life’s white doves carry our love

I see the green pastures, beyond Jerusalem

Where life’s fruit trees blush with blossom

Ivor is a part-time plumber, former Industrial Chemist, and now a serious writer of poetry. He has had numerous poems (not books) published, in on-line magazines. He is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc., and recently Ivor was appointed to the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’s’ writing team, as one their new Baristas. 


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You Cannot Shoot Or Electrocute It, by Ivor Steven

My poem ‘You Cannot Shoot or Electrocute It’ is published at “The Lockdown Journal” and thank you to the editor Mona for accepting my poem….

The Lockdown Journal

Placeholder Image

You Cannot Shoot Or Electrocute It

I see grey clouds drifting across the sky

And I hear the great white bear continue to lie

You cannot shoot it

Nor can you electrocute it

I cannot hear your bullets blazing

Nor can your bombs do the erasing

Your insincere words cannot stop it

Nor can your falsehoods hide it

I cannot see your pain and fears

Nor can I see your sympathetic tears

Your money keeps you safe in the ivory tower

But will your money send the people flowers

Ivor Steven (c)  March 2020

Bob Dylan, wrote these profound lyrics 50 years ago…

“All Along The Watchtower”

“There must be some way out of here,” said the joker to the thief,
“There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line know what any of it…

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