White Pony

Feature Image Above: A sincere thank you to Derrick, of  https://derrickjknight.com  , for allowing me to use this stunning photograph from his wonderful site, of a white/grey horse ambling in the woods. As soon as I saw the photo scene, the eloquent horse immediately captured my eye…

White Pony


If I were to be reincarnated

I’m sure I’d be a tall white pony

A flashy show jumping horse

Who knows his arduous course

Hurdling coloured bars

And clearing hard brush fences


A swimmer, I’ve always been

So the perilous water hazard

Would be a simple breeze

A shadow passed over, with ease

As my reflection in the pond

Magically vanished under my riders wand


Turning sharply on the pitch

Nearing the finishing stretch

I see more obstacles ahead

The doubles and triples, I dread

Without fear, forward I bound

Up, over and gliding down

My red-haired rider, she’s blushing and proud

Hearing loud applause, we bow to the crowd


Explanation: The song I’ve attached below, is from Nick Cave’s new album “Ghosteen”, which was released last week, and then coincidently this track “Bright Horses”, I was listening to at the same time as I was reading/viewing Derrick’s article, with the the white horse in the woods. Hence I was inspired by both of these powerful impressions to write this dreamlike fantasy poem.

Ivor Steven (c) October 2019

Hidden Stories

A few years ago, I was fortunate to have a girlfriend called Sue

This morning I was listening to this tune on YouTube

And I thought, isn’t life intriguing, how songs can trigger our memories

The happy and sad times, of many hidden stories

I’ve always been a respectful man, and in my mind, the secrets will stay

And I’ll continue on my way, with a smile in my heart, remembering the good days

The song by “Dirty Three”, featuring Warren Ellis on violin…… and Warren is the violinist for Nick Cave’s backing band “The Bad Seeds”…..enjoy….

Ivor Steven (c) October 2019

Water-logged Boots

Yes, I am small in this overburdened world

But I flutter freely when unfurled

I could be a family picture collage

Or a tiny squirrel amongst the foliage

On his journey, of ups and downs

Collecting and storing his acorn crowns


The trick is to enjoy the ups

While the floodgates are shut

Sometimes, I did nearly drown

Other times, I floated upside down


During the many seasonal rains

I wondered, if I’d every swim again

So then, I pretended to write a biblical book

Ignorantly thinking no-one would ever look


Afterwards, I thought I could walk on water

Then my boots became water-logged

And if you need to walk a mile in my shoes

You’ll have to learn how to swim, and sing the blues


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019


Our Last Stand

Walking barren pastures of sand

With only detergent hands

Old arms are empty of nature’s seeds

I only see, future investment greed

And history’s lessons, are hard to understand

When we’re taught, disrespect by corporate bands

Who only extinguish life, and fracture our lands

Instead of regenerating our planet’s, last stand


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

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The Last Chicane



The Last Chicane


I’ve been climbing every rung

Even the broken ones unsung

I’ve played every sad song

Even when the words were wrong


I felt my bird fly away

Even though her nest stays here today

I’ve praised my swan’s eternal flight

Even through the hardest fights


I’m listening to the bells chiming

Even above lyrics that aren’t rhyming

I’m beginning to flutter my wings again

Even after missing the last chicane

I’m preparing for the next equestrian

Even tasting potions of bubbling champagne


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019