A Single Atom

I see a shooting star, traverse the full-moon.

Like a jungle bushfire, raging out of sight.

I feel the heat of midday, smoothering the night.

Like a warm body, inside her tomb.

I see the dawn, without the golden sun.

Like a Lyrebird, singing all out of tune.

I hear the morning rain, without a cloud in the sky.

Like yesterdays floods, leaving her high and dry.

I see a sandy beach, awash by a tidal wave.

Like a burning desert, water is her grave.

I fill lonely sheets, with empty dreams.

Like a dark chasms’ irrelevant beams.

I see a summer leaf, wilted by a frosty Autumn.

Like an unwatered orchid, opening to an old anthem.

I feel like a splintered heart, inside a single atom.

Like a snakes dead skin, her rejected emblem.


Ivor Steven.



Frosted Glass

Looking through my frosted glazing.

A winters Sunday morn.

The piercing coldness, so bitter.

A wind like razor blades.

And my sombre music plays.

The slivering venetian blinds, so bland.

Hiding little of the external arctic chill.

A frozen sparrow lays on the sill.

Ready to fall, on dirt, so icy.

A meagre frigid offering,

To the polar Snowlord.

And I’m like a blizzards statue,

Shivering to the core.

Riveted by my eternal score,

Leonard’s, Avalanche and more


Ivor Steven.


Now Bestowed.

Another poem by request for “Poet Rummager”, I suppose a poem of new found love, but oh so gushy, for a man who was 62 years old at the time, when a cupids arrow sent me into a whirl, like a child’s  spinning top. I now find the words a little embarrassing, displaying how vulnerable I was then, and probably, I am still now.


You gave me your mountain of love.

You showed me the valley of passion.

You gave me your river of happiness.

You showed me your ocean of kindness.

Who am I to deny you.

How can I resist you.

Now, yearning all of you.

Now, time is you.

You gave me your sunshine for living.

You showed me the moonshines warmth.

You gave me your world of devotion.

You showed me your universe within.

Now, has come again.

Now, I love again.

Now, I’ve arisen.

Now, bestowed.


Ivor Steven.

Everlasting Smile

Feature Image: Courtesy, “humouringthegoddess”, thankyou Claudia, for permitting me to use this beautiful photo, I’ve tagged the picture, “Smiling Leafs”.


My eyes, narrowly cracked.

My cheeks, slightly etched.

I rest here, retracing every mile.

Remembering, your everlasting smile.

My lips, already dry.

My tongue, trying to say goodbye.

I wonder, was it all worthwhile.

Remembering, your loneliest smile.

My throat, lumpy and sore.

My chest, heavy as never before.

I look back, recalling your life-style.

Remembering, your younger smile.

My lungs, empty and tight.

My legs, weak and light.

I relive, your personal exile.

Remembering, your generous smile

My head, spinning from fright.

My heart, deep and out of sight

I sleep alone, crying like a child.

Remembering, your everlasting smile.


Ivor Steven.

It’s Time

We’ll miss you,

Mother Earth,

Your splendour

And imposing style.

From forest canopy’s

To the desert Nile.

New creations,

Beauty, gone.


We’ll lose you,

Father Time,

Your rhythm

And stoic guile.

From ancient history,

To the future files.

New millennia,

Awaiting, gone.


Special thanks to,  diaryofasoulwriter,  inspiring me with her wonderful writings about love and nature, view her poem, ”Unexpected Sight”. Photo, taken at Hollybank Nature Park, Tasmania.

Ivor Steven


Two Dogs, Ten Days.



I’m happily in possession of two little dogs for the next ten days. My girl Lily, and my brother’s dog, Tina, also a little cute white fluffy girl. Tina had trouble settling in, after my brother left to go on his holiday to Fraser Island, Queensland. At bedtime, Tina was fretting and scratching at the bedroom door, obviously wanting to leave the house and find her beloved master. After several tries at placing her in “her bed”, oh what to do, to settle her down…… then I came up with the idea(brilliant) of  placing Lily and her bed in front of Tina’s igloo style bed…… well, the little trick worked, Tina slept like a log(snoring) for the rest of the night until 9.30 in the morning, haha, feeling like I’m the “Dog Whisperer”…

Below, Lily and Tina, on their 3km walk with Ivor this afternoon, both girls getting on well, and Tina thinks I’m ok now.


Ivor Steven.


A poem by request, for the “Poet Rummager”. From a more recent era of my life. The photos, taken by I.Steven, part of the Shipwreck Coast, South-West Victoria, along the renowned, Great Ocean Road




We’re a shipwreck of the night.

The lighthouse was out of sight.

After the storm of wild passion.

Feeling wearied, a wreckage of fusion.


We’re a sperm whale on the beach.

The giant of the sea, without a speech.

After the turmoil of an endless wish.

Feeling totally lost, a wreckage amiss.


We’re a burnt-out forest of the dawn.

The ashen mountain smoulder ’til morn.

After the raging nights fire.

Feeling humbled, a wreckage of desire.


We’re a paradox of the unfolding day.

The bedsheets awry, here to stay.

After the fatigue of a forever promise.

Feeling complete, a wreckage of braveness.


Ivor Steven.