As The Crow Fly’s


As The Crow Fly’s


From grey tree branches

In sunlit sky, black crow sings

To all passing bye


Today I’m presenting two interesting music/videos, the first one is “Blackbirds”, by Gretchen Peters, a big thank you to Debbie, for the introduction to her, via her wonderful poem and article today >>

And the second, music/video, is from the “Black Whistle Singers” in Crow Agency Montana, singing a traditional American Indian song.

Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

Better Late Than Never

Dawn’s morning blue

Drowns me in droplets of dew

I slip into yesterday’s torn shoes

Damp, from last night’s dream of you


I’m late, not yet waking up

Drinking cold tea, from my “United by Blue” cup

Quickly, only time enough to catch the bus

But I stop! What’s all the fuss


They’ll always be the next one

And today, don’t forget to put a cap on

I’ll get there, twenty minutes later

Relaxed, not rushed and feeling betterer


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019


Hello dear readers, I feel privileged to present a Robert Okaji poem here on my site….His brilliant poem “Houston” is about Hurricane Harvey, of August 2017. I think his words are superbly poignant and powerful…

O at the Edges




The difference in street and river.
Of sanctity and dreams, bones and water.
He offers prayer and thought, but no refuge.
The bruised sky continues weeping.
Frightened, the dog paces her narrow island.
Tents flap in the rooftop breeze.
I sit in comfort, watch the screen,
flowers, like gravestones, lining the walls.

“Houston” was first published at The Green Light in April 2019. Many thanks to editors Caitlin and Ash for taking this piece!

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Blackman’s Lager And Passionfruit Tart

I know a Blackman’s beer taste’s great

And I’m also having a delicious cake

Not sure about their togetherness

Like a bride with no wedding dress

On a palm beach without sand


A sweet passion-fruit tart and a dry lager

Do they go together

First I’ll have a slurp of cold beer

Followed by a bite of that velvet pastry

I’m feeling like a blue shark with no teeth


The lager’s a subtle malt

With a hint of lemony hop

The scrumptious tart’s creamy and soft

With a crispy shortbread crust

Yeah, the day’s mixture of flavours is a blast


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019


Life is full of disappointments

Of our physical and mental laments

There’s the disgruntled type

When we are stood down

Years of loyalty all for nought

Leaving you downcast and distraught

There’s the disheartened letdown

When we are stood-up again

Yesterday’s promise, today’s voiceless ghost

Leaving you an empty chair, and sadly aghast

There’s the frustrated fiasco

When we are stood upon

Months of being a washout, and a physical mess

Leaving your body punished, and almost useless

Dismayed and in disarray

When we are misunderstood

Decades of disenchantment, but undefeated we stay

Knowing we all experience disappointments on life’s causeway

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019

Sunday Lunchtime

Sunday Lunchtime


A sunny Sunday lunchtime

I’m home alone, nothing to do

I decide on a Pakington Street outing

At the quaint Box Office Cafe


I’m by myself

They will be people I know

And perhaps I’ll meet someone new

There’s Beth I see, a regular, and with her puppy too


The Cafe has a dog friendly view

I sit with Beth and little Edith

We order coffee’s, and study the menu

Then two young ladies sit at the adjacent table


I introduce myself, to Amber and Jo

They are interested in what I’m writing

Jokingly, I say, “I’m writing a poem about you”

Then I explain, that the topics, ‘A Memorable Meal’


Smiling, I say, “here we all are, choosing our meals”

We finish our order, and happily chat away

Enjoying our Sunday lunchtime together

And cheeky puppy Edith, gets her pats and scraps too

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019