Blue-stone Cellar (A Repost)

I’m having technical problems try to submit my article to Coffee House Writers this evening, and I am getting frustrated .. so I decided to “Leave The Table” for a while, and found this poem that I wrote after a enjoyable night out, in November 2018, and I’m reposting it here on my site tonight …

Blue-stone Cellar (A Repost)

Old wooden steps

Going down, worn and steep

Revealing a cellar, candle-lit

Walls of blue-stone blocks

With a stained cedar ceiling

Creating a friendly aura of closeness

Intimate and cosy

A perfect place for Mr Cohen’s spirit to be

Sweet Amie Brulee

Sings and plays his songs

And in between, graciously reads his poetry

Jovially chats to the audience

Relaxed and carefree

Her demure smile is spontaneous

Divulging stories about his works

With enthusiasm and passion

Infusing her own subtle wit and humour

A show of genuine warmth and charm

From his tower of song, Leonard would be pleased

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022