Mankind’s Dirty Hands

My poem today is based on a poetic ‘comment’ that I wrote on the “Chatter Blog’s” site, after reading her interesting article. For those who follow Colleen’s site, would agree that all of her posts are thought provoking and interesting, and you may visit her article by clicking on this link >>

Mankind’s Dirty Hands

I am an ancient oak tree

leaning against the prevailing breeze

the winds of time have shaped me

after blowing my disguise into the sea

now here I stand

a lifeless shadow

of leafless branches

within nature’s naked forest

waiting for mankind’s dirty hands

to stop the desert sands

from ravaging the last strands

of what remains hanging over our land

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Tell Me Why (a Haibun)

Feeling very privileged and happy today. Last night, as a invited guest, I attended the special pre-show celebratory gathering and performance of Tell Me Why – Archie Roach, concert.


A new work sharing stories and songs from Archie Roach’s award-winning memoir and companion album, Tell Me Why is an intimate, moving and often confronting account of his resilience, strength of spirit as well as a great love story. It’s an extraordinary odyssey of love, heartbreak, family, community, survival and renewal, showcasing the healing power of music.

Not many have lived as many lives as Archie, from stolen child, teenage alcoholic, seeker, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, to social advocate and First Nations leader – but it took almost a lifetime to find who he really was. He is Archie Roach.

In the “Tell Me Why” show, Archie Roach voiced joy, pain, and hope within the songs that he had found on his journey to becoming the legendary singer, songwriter and storyteller that he is today; and below is my Haiku that I wrote straight after the concert …

Why (a Haiku)

The stolen children

Tell me why did they do that?

Does the river know?

Below; I have attached two of Archie Roach’s music/videos, and you can find more of his powerful lyrics and music on YouTube ...

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021

Atlantis, is up at Spillwords Magazine

I am ecstatic to have my poem “Atlantis” published at Spillwords Magazine today, and I am very grateful to the editors at Spillwords for accepting my piece .. Pease go and visit my poem at Spillwords and if you wish, leave a ❤ for my article, by clicking on this link >>


Nature’s abundant history

Bounces forth in front of our eyes

The view is silently stunning

Nature’s assets keep running

Our hearts keep drumming

In tune with nature’s humming

Gently step into her ocean surf

For beneath the waves lays her sodden turf

The Atlantis carpet of ancestral bones

Remnants of ruined millennia covered in fallen moonstones

Nature’s guiding lodestones waiting to be atoned

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021

Birds Of A Feather

‘Birds Of A Feather’ is poem I wrote a few years ago, and I’m proudly reposting the words here to coincide with the “Indigenous Peoples Day” holiday in America on Monday 11th of October…
Below I have attached a song by Australia’s indigenous singer/songwriter Xavier Rudd … his famous classic “Spirit Bird” …

Birds Of A Feather

to colour us all tanned

black or white

didn’t seem right

even a humorous sight

maybe blue and green

would’ve been a better blight

and I’ve been told orange

is a preferred skin tone

best we have more colours

I’ll go buy the paint drums

toss them together

shaken, not stirred

into one huge cocktail dish

and use a whale-hair paint brush

we’ll all be covered the same

a faded colour purple

like tarnished rain clouds

not too dark

not too proud

not too white

just bright enough

to see the light

Please Note: The featured image above, is called ‘Four Birds’, by an Australian artist, Patsy Anguburra Lulpunda, at the Aboriginal Art Gallery

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021