Nature’s Heartbeat

Misty rain streaks down my cheeks

And gentle droplets play life’s symphony on my roof

Reminding my soul that I exist, so meek

Humbled by the sound of nature’s heartbeat

I shall continue to follow her melodious proof

The dark clouds part during my day

And the lifting fog pours me a rainbow beam

Reminding my soul, why I love, and why I stay

Honoured by the strength of nature’s heartbeat

I shall continue to follow my dream

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

My Kite And Bike (Revised)

Here I am in this ancient town

Climbing the local Snowy Mountains

Standing in the world’s greenest paddock

Flying my yellow and blue kite

On the thinnest of worn threads

My kite is soaring higher and higher

Toward the bold clouds, thick and soft

Where pristine snowflakes abound

All bright and shiny white

Smooth enough to ride my silver bike on

Peddle my way over today’s slippery black-ice

And splash through the heights of tomorrow

Ivor Steven (c) May 2022

Under The Snow

A special poem I wrote, after I’d taken my Lady to hospital for the last time, on the day of her 65th birthday. ten years ago. Hello Carole, and I wonder if you still wonder that I wonder, wishing upon your celestial star…….

Under The Snow.

We emanate to a birthday.

We deflate to a final day.

Birthdays, they all come, they all go.

Birthdays, in the sunshine, under the snow.

Birthdays, slow to mature, quickly an aeon.

Birthdays, before we are born, after we are gone.

Birthdays, hanging on by a breath.

Birthdays, nailed to a cross ’til death.

What’s it all mean to be alive and cry.

What’s it all mean to live and to die.

Ivor Steven. (c)  May 2022

Horses, Lizards, and Hummingbird Cake

Horses, Lizards, and Hummingbird Cake


With eyes wide open

I rejoice

Beyond, earth, sky,

Moon, sun, and stars

Here today

With eyes open wider

I rejoice

In my surroundings

Dogs, horses,

Lizards, and birds

With eyes smiling

I rejoice

In life’s foolish moments

Chocolates, coffee,

And a hummingbird cake

Ivor Steven (c) May 4th 2022

Rolling On By (Revised)

I wrote this poem while I was on a Pacific cruise to the New Calendonian Islands, in April 2018. We only had one rough day, but that managed to influence me enough, to pen this dreamy piece that night …

Rolling On By

I am swishing and swirling

splashing and crashing

up and down

I am thrown aground

stumbling around

swaying under her calming horizon

she soothes my rough landing

caresses my awakening eyes

dazed, I knowingly smile

and watch her wings wave goodbye

Ivor Steven (c) April 2018

Fruit Loopy

Early July 2017, my blog/website was only 3 weeks old when I wrote this abstract poem, ‘Fruit Loopy’ … hmmm … and I am not sure what my thoughts were at the time … but I had only been in my new little abode for 5 months, and I was finishing off building the verandah, and starting to create a courtyard garden … I suppose I was “dreaming” about how much Carole would have loved my new home, so hence the “funny title”

Fruit Loopy

The juices of expectation

are upon me again.

Dreaming of yesteryear

and clambering for today.

Through my pores

a taste of sweetness.

My apple of love

the fruit for tomorrow.

Ivor Steven (c) July 2017

Love is Not Declined 


My internal battle is never ending  

Neither won nor lost 

My opponent is my ghost 

I forgive with the morning dew 

And my regrets are few 

There is two breaths in every moment  

The first one kisses our heart 

The second breath caresses our soul


True love is hard to find  

And impossible to define 

When found, be exceedingly kind 

Love can spellbind your mind 

But blindly, love is not declined 

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022