Tell Me Why (a Haibun)

Feeling very privileged and happy today. Last night, as a invited guest, I attended the special pre-show celebratory gathering and performance of Tell Me Why – Archie Roach, concert.


A new work sharing stories and songs from Archie Roach’s award-winning memoir and companion album, Tell Me Why is an intimate, moving and often confronting account of his resilience, strength of spirit as well as a great love story. It’s an extraordinary odyssey of love, heartbreak, family, community, survival and renewal, showcasing the healing power of music.

Not many have lived as many lives as Archie, from stolen child, teenage alcoholic, seeker, lover, father, musical and lyrical genius, to social advocate and First Nations leader – but it took almost a lifetime to find who he really was. He is Archie Roach.

In the “Tell Me Why” show, Archie Roach voiced joy, pain, and hope within the songs that he had found on his journey to becoming the legendary singer, songwriter and storyteller that he is today; and below is my Haiku that I wrote straight after the concert …

Why (a Haiku)

The stolen children

Tell me why did they do that?

Does the river know?

Below; I have attached two of Archie Roach’s music/videos, and you can find more of his powerful lyrics and music on YouTube ...

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021