Today I’m presenting one of the dozen Haiku that are in my book Tullawalla, and also over at Weekly Prompts their Midweek Challenge is: Shadows ; please visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here .

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Shadows (a Haiku)

Her lone silhouette

Forever etched in the stars

Shadows of my heart

Ivor Steven (c) July 2021

Tullawalla, (a Haiku)

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Tullawalla (a Haiku)

The dream presses on 

Empty hands are full again  

Of memory’s rhymes 

Ivor Steven (c) June 2021

Thawing (a Haiku)

Yeah … some good news … my “ebook” on Amazon is doing well this morning. Amazon Hot New Releases in the Oceania region, “Tullawalla” came in at #2, and overall this week at #14. While for all Amazon kindle releases world wide , Tullawalla went from #1,282,135 to #170,319, and I think that’s ok … a pity the ‘Book’ is not out yet, 😀😎😍

Thawing (a Haiku)

All is not covered

Nor frozen by morning frost

A new dawn brings hope

Ivor Steven (c) April 2012