Throwback Friday, Eerie Sky, Teasing Rain, by Ivor Steven

Throwback Friday, Eerie Sky, Teasing Rain, by Ivor Steven

Here in Geelong today we had some cool summer showers, which reminded me of the 2020 summer, when the devastating bushfires were raging throughout Australia, and in late January, we were in desparate need of some relieving summer rain.
Feature Image Above: I’m standing in light rain, at the end of my lane, but the sky is still a smokey haze, which is very eerie…..

Left. A smokey beach in the morning  Right. Looking straight at the sun on the beach

Left. The smokey sky and sun at end of my lane. Right. The thunderstorm this afternoon

Eerie Sky, Teasing Rain

The eeriness is hard to explain

Our sky is smokey again

But here I stand in the rain

At the end of my dusty lane

Smelling the stench of our fiery haze

Now mixed with the aroma of wet maize

I’m stunned, and unearthly amazed

As Thor’s neon lights add to my daze

This summer storm is yet to fully expound

Tiny drops are struggling to cover the ground

The day’s hot, but our sun cannot be found

And this afternoon’s darkness leaves me spellbound

Footnote: When I was about to post this article, the heavy rain did come…. At last the sky did start crying over the fires of South-Eastern Australia, and gave our exhausted firefighters a timely reprieve.

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