Holes In Doors 

Holes In Doors 

My owner left me 

Locked up in the courtyard 

Nothing unusual about that 

He left me some biscuit treats 

And a full bowl of water 

However, he forgot  

To close the wire security screen 

Well, best I break in 

And protect our kennel 

“What would you have done?” 

I started clawing and chewing 

At the exposed wood door 

Firstly, I dug a small hole 

An opening I could bite 

My industrious teeth into 

Whoops and drats! 

There was another layer 

On the inside too! 


I wasn’t sure why 

My boss told me off 

When he arrived home 

I thought I was only trying to help 

He didn’t appreciate my creativity 

Time passed and Christmas arrived 

My extended family 

Were joking and laughing 

At my aunt’s gift for Dad 

Woof, woof. “A Doggie Door for me!” 

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Ivor Steven (c) January 2023

Jack’s Back

Over at Weekly Prompts, the Wednesday Challenge is: GARDEN ART. You may visit their fabulous site by clicking on the Link >> Here .. and the poem below is my response to their Prompt

Jack’s Back 


I woke at dawn 

And there was Jack  

Laying on my lawn 


Good morning, Mr. Frost 

I am at a loss 

With the ground so white 

And the air’s bitter bite 

Why are called Jack? 

The Jack’s I know from the outback 

Are all warmhearted folks  

And happy-go-lucky blokes 

Not cold-blooded guys 

Baptized by frozen skies 


Are you a naughty and chilly skite? 

Or a noble defender of the night 

Jack! Today at first light 

You gave my warm toes an icy fright 

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Ding Dong and Bang Clang?

I was in a dazed shock

As the bedside table rocked

When my alarm clock piercingly rang

Ding dong and bang clang it sang

Like a hammering chain gang

Breaking rocks, bang after bang

Awakened by the brutal ding and bang

Out of bed I sprang

Then abruptly, my mind went clang!

When the bells of Sunday morn began!

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

A ‘Penguin Waffle’

Over at Weelkly Prompts the Wednesday challenge is the word: ALARMS. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clickng on>> Here .. and below is my response to their prompt …

A Penguin Waffle

This year, all around the world

The alarm bells have been ringing loudly

Today, I have escaped to the country

Away from humanities blaring sirens

I am at the Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe

Relaxing with a mug of coffee

And a scrumptious piece of cheesecake

Then suddenly, without warning

My sweet tooth starts chiming

There on the counter I spied a ‘Penguin Waffle’

And as my mom used to say

“If you have a sweet tooth, sometimes

you just must have chocolate”

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

Flying Too High

G’day dear readers and followers (2780) … Today, five years ago I started writing on my blog-website, and a sincere thank to you all, for supporting, viewing, visiting, and commenting on my poems … I hope you have enjoyed reading my humble writings …

Flying Too High

What does it all mean?

Millions of numbers on my screen

Two hundred thousand views

Seventy thousand visitors

And fifty thousand comments

Can there be anymore replies?

Left in my cyber-sky

My clouds are over occupied

My eyes are tired and dry

Have I been flying too high?

By energizing my poems to multiply

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022

Big Black Oil Cap

Hello dear readers, here is another repost of an older poem, this one is from December 2017

Big Black Oil Cap

Not the town’s greatest car lover

An automobile, an object like any other

Petrol guzzlers

Noisy muzzlers

Inanimate metal and plastic, costing plenty of dough

Pity, they do need some care though

Spoilt and fed like a hungry teenager

Cooling water in the radiator

Screw the shiny brass cap back on

Fresh air in the tyres

Screw the little rubber caps back on

Dear-as-poison petrol in the tank

Screw the safety fuel cap back on

Lubricating oil in the engine-head

This is where absent-mindedness overtook instead

Forgot to screw the Big Black Oil Cap back on

Drove to the Big City the next day

Not realizing I’d gone badly awry

Travelled home in a steamy-hot car

Back onto the driveway tar

Oil dripping over the front bumper-bar

Opened the bonnet. Aaaahhh!

The engine is like a whale’s spout

Spurting boiling, slimy oil all about

And there’s that Big Black Oil Cap

Alone on the garage bench

Like a magician’s gleaming black hat

Ivor Steven (c) March 2022