Arousing “Itmims”

Today’s poem is one that I wrote while attending a “Writing Circle” meeting, hosted by the talented and gracious, Ali Grimshaw … If you are interested in attending one of her fabulous on-line “Zoom Sessions”, you can visit her site by clicking on this link
Featured Image Above; my photo of my computer’s start-up screen this morning, from Windows Microsoft

Arousing “Itmims”

I hear a thunderous storm

Rumbling above

I see a chromatic sky

Illuminating my yard

I feel my romantic dreams

Arousing my Itmims* spacecraft

There ready and waiting

For time to chime in

My next mysterious rhyme


Time hears no commands

And silently resets her sundial’s hands

To reignite dawn’s golden strands

*Itmims: “Ivors Time Machine In Micro Space

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Ivor Steven (c) November 2022

Throwback Friday, Itmims (Ivor’s Time Machine In Micro Space), by Ivor Steven

The article I posted on “Go Dog Go Cafe” today >>

“Itmims” is a poem I wrote in December 2018, when I was hospital, in an ‘Isolation Room’, and Itmims space craft was my imaginative means of escaping confinement.

Itmims (Tullawalla, page 60)

Welcome aboard my bubble ship, Itmims

Come fly with me into the unknown

We shall traverse time and space

Across the borders of level seven

Beyond the boundaries of intelligence

We’ll discover the story of Tullawalla

Capture the heart of a beautiful red-head

Learn about her journey of grace and bravery

Understand the depth of your soul

Show others what happens to the heart

Find your star, your colour, your lost art

Walk deserts in space, swim the Milky-way

Breathe the air I breathe, see what I see

Feel her soft red hair, on your cheek

Step inside my Itmims, sharing love on the high seas

Tullawalla is Available From;

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All Images: were from my visit to the ‘Writers Retreat Workshop’, held at Drydale’s Old Courthouse & Museum on Friday
The Weekend Challenge from Weekly Prompts is the word; RANDOM. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> HERE . The poem ‘Drumsticks’ is my response to the prompt Random


Thump, thump, thump 

The muffled beat of drums 

Hollow depressing throbs 

Hauntingly echo 

From behind the heavy door 

Of the jurors’ chambers 

What will their verdict be? 

The courthouse gallery is full 

Humming in anticipation 

Has the Drummer Boy’s case 

Been handled fairly? 

The alleged fatal weapons 

The Boy’s drumsticks 

Are yet to be found! 

Ivor Steven (c) October 2022

Imagination (revised)

We walked pass the ‘Imagination Garden Kindergarten & Childcare’ centre this morning, and I was reminded of this poem I wrote in August 2020, when the building was being constructed. All the photos in my post here today were taken this morning at the “Imagination” centre ..

Imagination (revised)

Boldly, the sign “Imagination” is written on the wall

The silent gift of creativety that is given to us all

Imagination looks beyond the distant horizon

To where a blue sky unites the oceans

Imagination looks above the gathering dark clouds

To where a golden sun dispels all doubts

Imagination looks inside the essence of nature

To where a nurtured animal instinct matures

Imagination looks outside the boundaries of mankind

To where a human mind can roam unconfined

And peacefully co-exist nonaligned

Ivor Steven (c) June 2022