Imperfectness (a Tanka)

My imperfections

Are perfectly camouflaged

Underneath the trees

Where moon shadows protect me

From the world’s imperfectness

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Ivor Steven (c). December 2022

Logically, I Am Here

Today’s poem is one that I wrote while attending a “Writing Circle” meeting, hosted by the talented and gracious, Ali Grimshaw … If you are interested in attending one of her fabulous on-line “Zoom Sessions”, you can visit her site by clicking on this link

Logically, I Am Here

Nonsense and logic

What is the difference?

In our world today

A forest breeze

Caresses my senses

Like flowering gum-trees

Free up my defenses

I love nonsense

Is it my best sense?

My most creative sense

Is it my good mood sense?

Free of commonsense

And government expense

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Waiting In Line

Please Note: The Idyll winery estate, located in the picturesque Moorabool Valley area, is only 15 km from my front door, and are well renowned for their award winner Cabernet Sauvignon blends … 2021 – New York International Wine Competition – Idyll Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon – Gold

Waiting In Line

lazing in a valley of vines

under the summer sunshine

with a bottle of Idyll wine 

drank in no time 

dandy and sublime 

heeds no rhyme

beyond an imaginary climb

along the river of time

that awaits a final line

after life’s closing pantomime

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

From the North (a Tanka)

Featured Image Above: Of the Kananaskis Mountains, Alberta, Canada (West of Calgary), taken by my uncle, Dick Meyer (Dec.), from August 1997 …

From The North

Winter will not die

Nor relinquish his title

Without a cold blast

Howling over frozen bones

Of ancestors who have passed

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022