Hot Cross Buns and Chocolates

Hello readers and followers, the poem I am reposting today is an ”Alphabet” poem that I wrote in April 2019, two days before I left to fly to NewYork, on my way to visiting my Philadelphia cousins, who I had never met, and of course I was also to meet my favourite niece and penpal “Kerri” for the “First” time … So, I thought I would try to write my “First” every Alphabet Poem, to celebrate my “First” every trip to New York and Philadelphia …

Hot Cross Buns and Chocolates

America, here I come, ready or not

Beyond my bed-zoned borders

Chasing those forgotten horizons

Dreams are finally blossoming

Easter treats are tucked in my pockets

Fancy editions of my poems, are packed in the case

Giant airports and planes abound

Hot cross buns, and more chocolates are eaten

Inspiring my week’s holiday mood

Jet engines soaring aloft

Kidnapping me by default

Lawyers left floundering

My medical records lost in transit

Naughty nightingales, again covering for me

Opening my doorways, to the promised land

Passing high above the melody, at heaven’s archway

Quarantine played, Leonard’s Tower Of Song

Rumblings, I hear from a distant Bensalem yard

Spiritual chants, from my family circle

Telepathic messages, humming on a magic carpet ride

Unbroken my promise, now to be honoured

Vikings and villains to be avoided

Weapons disguised, under the statues torch of liberty

Xylophones I hear, playing on the streets of New York

Young ladies are dancing to my tune, Hallelujah

Zero-ground, salutes me there, staying upside down

Ivor Steven (c) May 2022

Back On The Tools

Sorry reader and followers for my lack of blogging today (and tomorrow) … The old poet traded his quill in this morning (and again tomorrow), for his old rusty spanner and diirty hammer ..

Back On The Tools. (adapted from “An Old-time Plumber”)

Could I actually do the task?

Am I physically strong enough?

Am I mentally sharp and stable enough?

To endure two days of hard work?

Surprise, surprise, I survived day one

Job nearly completed and clients suitably pleased

And I am home enjoying a red wine

Although when I finished it was almost dark

And my back was stiff as red-gum bark

But a job stamped by my old-time quality trademark

Horses, Lizards, and Hummingbird Cake

Horses, Lizards, and Hummingbird Cake


With eyes wide open

I rejoice

Beyond, earth, sky,

Moon, sun, and stars

Here today

With eyes open wider

I rejoice

In my surroundings

Dogs, horses,

Lizards, and birds

With eyes smiling

I rejoice

In life’s foolish moments

Chocolates, coffee,

And a hummingbird cake

Ivor Steven (c) May 4th 2022

Life is a Bowl of Fudge, is up at Coffee House Writers Magazine

Hello dear readers and followers, as you may know, I now write for “Coffee House Writers” magazine on a fortnightly basis, and my poem “Life is a Bowl of Fudge”, is in this weeks edition of Coffee House Writers Magazine. … please click on the link below and visit my poem, at Coffee House Writers >>

Life is a Bowl of Fudge

Upside Down
Hanging around upside down
Gives you a top view of the ground
Reverses the annoying busy sounds
Lets us think of life’s endless bounds
Day And Night
There’s dark, then light
Like there’s day and night
Sunrise and sunset
Like there’s life and regrets
Life ebbs and flows
Life comes and goes
There’s reality, then dreams
Life’s mixture of honey and cream
Sticky and sweet
Like nature’s silver-beat
Lazy Bones
Cordless phones
Garden gnomes
Overhead drones
Windowless homes
Creaks and moans
Lazy bones
I am neither a judge
Nor a dealer in sludge
I would rather eat some fudge
And give my side of life a nudge

Ivor Steven (c) May 3rd 2022

An Old Book Shuts, a New Door Opens

Dear readers, have a pleasant Easter, and here is my Easter poem, from 2020, that I’ve slightly revised this morning…

An Old Book Shuts, a New Door Opens

Today I question myself

What do I see?

Upon my world’s lower shelf

There! An open wider drawer

Containing a treasure chest

A universe of potential

An orb with a mystical two piece door

The bottom half’s pale blue

Like yesterday’s fading blue moon

A book of old testaments

The above half’s bright yellow

A gateway of gilded gold

The book of tomorrow’s future

A new prophecy of days under the sun

Ivor Steven (c)  April 2020

Concrete Void

Originally posted on my site, 27th November 2017.
Yeah .. my concete void has finally been filled ..

Concrete Void

I’m becoming impatient,

Here waiting,

Waiting for a concrete lid.

Too many stop signs,

And lifetime bans.

I’m a good man,

So I’ve been told.

But there’s a chasm,

And the concrete’s,

Yet to fill the void.

……..To my readers that knew about my new verandah, “now nine months old”, and sadly it has been without the patio/floor area being concreted for all that time..  Yippee, today the mission has been accomplished. Thanks to my newly appointed concreter “Damian Maloney”, Yep, he’s on my recommended list. And Lizzy The Lizard Of Wizardry, was curiously looking on…..


Ivor Steven (c) April 2022