Hotter Than Helios

Here in Geelong we are going through an extended warm/hot spell, of some 20 days in a row of the temperature being over 30’C … and this a poem I wrote 3 years on January 25th, so appropriately the poem gets replay today …

Hotter Than Helios

Today is hotter than hot

This town’s a living melting pot

You could fry an egg without a cook-top

I won’t be taking Yorkie for a trot

My body’s losing the plot

Waiting for my aorta’s mystery clots


My writing’s burnt out, on Helios hill

Leaving an arid inkwell, holding a dry quill

Despite the heat, an exercise session I’ll do, It’s my will

To continue with this daily drill

No excuses, to lose sight of spring’s daffodil

Working out, like I’m an old grinding flour-mill


Even if I’m over-baked, like Sunday’s hot roast

For her, I’ll take life’s chances to the utmost


Featured Image: From Bing Images,



Ivor Steven (c)  2019


Cyberspace, And Melted Digital’s (Revised)

I’ve been having Internet and computer problems for 3 days and have dug up this old poem and revised its

Cyberspace and Melted Digitals

This crazy, distorted cyberspace

Can be a dishonest place

Like talking to aliens from outer-space

False profiles and no trace

I dislike hackers with no face

And avoid their shameful attacks, what a disgrace

As if they’re hiding from the human race

Or thieves of other writers database

I’d like to knot together their shoelaces

See them fall from grace

Straight down their slippery staircase

And melt their digital’s in the fireplace

Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019


Today’s poem, is a piece I originally wrote in June 2017, and the words were influenced by Leonard Cohen’s song, “Show Me The Place”, and this being the 5rd anniversary of his passing, I thought it an appropriated day to re-post my poem. I’ve revised the poem a couple of times, the original title was “Violin Strings”, but overall, the meaning of my words have stayed intact..   The Featured Image above, is scanned copy from, “The Wordless Songbook”, Leonard Cohen, by George A. Walker, book cover print, (A book, in my personal library)


I’m singing a song, about you

Singing words, both wistful and true

From my heart to my soul, the veins

They’re as tight as violin strings

I needed you, to take my hand

Take my hand and show me the way

Show me the way, to a formal debut

Show me the way, into your dancing shoes

I needed you, to take my dreams

Take my dreams and show me how to behave

Show me the way, to your family home

Show me how to drink, from your holy grail

I needed you, to take my open heart

Take my heart and show me how to pray

Show me the way, into your world

Show me how to fly, in your milky way

I needed you, to write some heavenly notes

Take my violin and show me how to play

Show me the way, to your harp’s wings

Show me the way, into your heartstrings

Ivor Steven (c) November “7th” 2021

A Midday Moon

Hello readers and followers, … my “Moon” poem theme continues today with a repost from September 2019, and I hope you are all enjoying my collection of “Moonolgues”

A Midday Moon

Surprise, surprise, up there in the sky

Hidden by the glare, of noon’s golden eye

I saw the moon, being cradled by the midday sun

There, glowing like a silver button

As hundreds of human’s passed me unawares

I was staring in wonderment, at our worlds brightest stars

The sun’s white ray’s, wore soft gloves of silk

And the moon was like a baby, enjoying mother’s milk

A chance of a lifetime I captured

Our sun and moon’s moment of embracing rapture

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019

To The Moon And Back

Today’s “Weekly Prompt” Weekend Challenge is: Discovery … Please go over and visit they fabulous site by clicking >> Here Yesterday when seaching my files for an appropriate poem for my “Go Dog Go Cafe” .. Throwback Friday post, I “Discovered” that I had written numerous ‘poems’ about the “MOON” over the years … and attached today, this is one of pieces that I “DISCOVERED” during my search …

Above Photos: The award winning, Geelong Library and Art Gallery… (Looks like the moon)

To The Moon And Back

Well, say hello spring

You’re certainly flashing us your everything

A warm mild morning

Followed by midday sunshine

Then suddenly a wild storm

Lightening and heavy rain

Windy squalls, umbrella’s flying

And down the fat hail came

While the dark sky opened his jaws

I wondered if it was like this

On our faraway moon

So without further ado

I jettisoned myself there

Soaring into space

I left this human race

Just for a short time, anyways

I journeyed to the art gallery

Displaying a real moon show

Wilderness photos from yesteryears

Bold colourful impressions

From out of this world

Ancient traditional stories were also told

Old-time moon movies, on the big screen

Bold sculptures, of every shape imaginable

And a moonscape, seen through artist eyes

The wondrous afternoon escape, was my prize

Above Photos: Some friendly humans that I meet on the moon……

Below: I love this song and video  by ‘The Airbourne Toxic Event’, performing their tune “All At Once”…. enjoy

Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Dreams Unseen

Dreams Unseen

I cannot run no more

And I cannot swim the sea

But I can fly

In my sky of dreams

I have stopped climbing trees

And I cannot move mountains

But the highest peaks

Are not in my dreams

I have not embraced the mystery

Of my universe

Nor found my shining star

But I am here today

Floating on my ocean of dreams

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

Right or Wrong

My poem today is actually made up of 3 different Haiku, however, as what often happens with my jumbled words and thoughts, the 3 stanzas seemed to fit together to form “one” poem …

Right or Wrong

As we scrape along 

In life, we are often wrong 

Before our swan song 

Are we wrong or right? 

Why do we let the moonlight 

Disappear from sight? 

Gloom enfolds the view 

Gey clouds cover rainbow hues 

Darkness stalks us too 

Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2021


“After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, and so on – I have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear – what remains? Nature remains.” ― Walt Whitman


Why are we deaf and blind?

How can we be so silently unkind?

Nature is not our kitchen to be redesign

Mother Earth is our holy shrine

Our one and only protective rind

All we need, is her love intertwined


Featured Image: Forest Garden, Mt Dandenong, Victoria, by Greg Brave


Ivor Steven (c) Sept 2021