Waiting In Line

Please Note: The Idyll winery estate, located in the picturesque Moorabool Valley area, is only 15 km from my front door, and are well renowned for their award winner Cabernet Sauvignon blends … 2021 – New York International Wine Competition – Idyll Victoria Cabernet Sauvignon – Gold

Waiting In Line

lazing in a valley of vines

under the summer sunshine

with a bottle of Idyll wine 

drank in no time 

dandy and sublime 

heeds no rhyme

beyond an imaginary climb

along the river of time

that awaits a final line

after life’s closing pantomime

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

One More Spoonful

Hello dear readers, I had a difficult time writing this poem, as my thoughts were jumband confused, but eventually after toiling away, I think the piece gradually developed into something resembling my initial dreamy thoughts … And then I could not make up my mind on the title, between “A Shining” or “One More Spoonful” ..

Featured Image Above: My photo of a piece of street-art in Geelong

One More Spoonful

I was reading my never ending story

about crossing the rivers of time

and climbing a mountain of dreams

then along the crest of a misty waterfall

a mysterious rainbow appeared at dawn

as a shimmering glimmer of hope

and above my unreachable horizon

there was a shining

tempting me to turn around

and resume paddling upstream

to where I could savour

a spoonful of life’s cream

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Winter Snails (a Haiku)

Photos: Please note, that all the “Snail” images here on this post, were taken by Derrick Knight, who at my request, kindly delved through his many years of Archives, especially for this article and I am sincerely grateful for his generosity and diligence.

Winter Snails (a Haiku)

Autumn leaves did fall

A winter sun warms our souls

Snails renew their trail

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

Pushing Up Daisies 

Featured Image Above: Taken by, Derrick Knight, and reproduced here, with his generous permission.

The Above Photos, are of my courtyard’s Osteospermum’s (Daisies)

Pushing Up Daisies 

I am not crazy, nor am I lazy 

I am living in a foggy haze 

In the middle of this planetary maze 

Am I out of phase?  

When I say 

This world is a dying daisy 

I have abandoned my computer desk 

A messy digital mirage, so grotesque 

And searching the cosmos for a pink moon 

Away from this dizzy burlesque 


Am I out of phase? 

When I say 

That out there in the Milky Way

There is another pink moon 

Actively interested 

In growing yellow daisies 

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022

“Crawling Out of a Dark Void”, is up at Coffee House Writers Magazine

Hello dear readers and followers, as you may know, I now write for “Coffee House Writers” magazine on a fortnightly basis, and my poem “Crawling Out of a Dark Void” is in this weeks edition of Coffee House Writers Magazine. … please click on the link below and visit my poem, at Coffee House Writers .
>> https://coffeehousewriters.com/crawling-out-of-dark-void/

Crawling Out of a Dark Void (Revised)

Falls and crawls, my void is screaming
Glares and stares, my eyes are slowly opening
Clangs and chimes of sirens roaring
Help and kindness of paramedics working

Awakening from a scary darkness
Knowing my dreams are disappearing

Ins and outs of doorways slamming
Shrieks and shrills of voices yelling
Highs and lows of painfully recovering
The difficulties of quietly surviving

Awakening to the renewal of dreaming
Beyond the curtains and screenings
Realizing my life is gradually healing


Photo by Ivor Steven

Ivor Steven (c) January 2022