Drifting Sand Dunes (Revised)

This is a poem I originally wrote a few years ago, during a time of hospitalisation, and I was undergoing numerous medical examinations…. Today I’ve revised this edition slightly, but the theme of poem still seems to be relevant, for my current anxieties during these oppressing months of Lockdown…


Drifting Sand Dunes (Revised)


Life continues to deal me stressful tests

Unyielding, but I’ve given my best

As the sands of time pass through hands of mistrust

Leaving drifting dunes with insurmountable crests


There’s hard exams of my soft soulful chest

Gnawing at my hearts leftover pieces

Lumps of nerve-ends for the devil’s feast

Leaving my naked bones scarred by the beast


In this stormy life of mine, challenges seem endless

Soaking rains and a raging tempests

Twisting my sinews and veins into a vortex

Leaving my inner demons anxiously wondering what’s next


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2020


Standing Upright

Hello dear readers, I’ve been writing this poem over the last three days, and I was struggling to obtained any rhythm between thoughts and words, and then I saw a wondrous photo on Derrick Knight’s blog/website this morning, (which is my ‘Featured Image’ above), and his photo of the glorious old oak tree, immediately channelled my thoughts, into that of strength and resilience, and from there, my Title was formed, and my words started to become a more cohesive piece of poetry…. Thank you Derrick, for allowing me to use this beautiful and impressive photo, with my humble little poem.

Standing Upright

My heart’s bruised from bygone blood-stones

Threaded together by the spirits of old bones

And they’re resting within my ageing body’s soft clay

But I’m leaking, soulful droplets on sunny days

The world’s foul winds are blowing me off my feet

When I’m wobbling down cold and dusty streets

Then a modern medicine-man came with his young tribe

Re-tuning my rusty pieces, with rhythmical vibes

And they declared my cello strings, to be plucky enough

To handle tomorrow’s mystery masks and travellers handcuffs

Ivor Steven (c) August 2020

Drifting Forward

I’ve having a busy Wednesday. My Barwon (Geelong) Health, and Aged Care Plan, has begun today, with a morning visit from the nurse organising my plan, and this afternoon, the plan’s Doctor came to visit me, and from tomorrow, I’ll be having daily visits by physiotherapists and occupational therapists. .. The health program is design around keeping me comfortable and safe at home, and reduce the risks of further falls or accidents in the home… Don’t worry, I am reasonably healthy, and I’m happy to be within this scheme, which is about looking after susceptible older persons living by themselves, and after my recent episodes, I’m in that category….   So my time here on WP has been limited today, and will be for a couple of weeks, as get used to health plan’s orientation and introduction…. Haha,.. having said all that, I had time to write this Haiku at lunchtime, a piece which had been drifting about in mind….


Drifting Forward


Cleanse our dirty clouds

Saturate the stains with rain

Wash away this pain




Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020

What Is Normal My Son?

Today I would like to thank Tanya (https://tanyasblog417441432.com/2020/07/27/hungry/) for triggering and inspiring my mind, to create this poem…


What Is Normal My Son?


Breakfast and a hot cuppa

Under my cosy verandah

As per normal, if it’s not too chilly

And I’m having my normal courtyard chat

With my friends, Phillip the penguin

And the wise old owl, Oscar

We’re talking about the future

Whether life will ever be normal again


Oscar quietly hoots

“What is normal my son”

Little Phillip chirped in

“Normal is a state of mind

A comfort zone in time

Like swimming in the deep blue sea everyday”

Oscar agreed with Phillip

“Normal’s being perched in the same tree every night”

Oscar and Phillip grinned, and nodded at each other

And I listened and pondered


Smiling at my two furry companions

I added, “Our old normal, won’t be normal anymore”

Oscar’s brows lowered, and he said

” As per normal these days

We shall patiently try to adapt, then wait and see

What colour the new normal turns out to be

Black, white, or green like the trees

Maybe the striped yellow, of our life giving bees


Below:  I’ve used this glorious song by Lisa Hannigan a few times before, but I found this magnificent rendition this morning…. enjoy her voice and her passion… 




Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020






Cake Crumbs and Coffee Stains


Cake Crumbs and Coffee Stains


I’m at this cafe table, alone

My notebook page is blank

Except for cake crumbs and coffee stains


The cafe venue is not full

Because with the current laws, there’s a Quota

A maximum of only thirty people


I feel for the young owners

Trying to run a small business

Under these necessary restrictions


There’s the mandatory sign-in and hand sanitising

As the voracious covid’s dirty paws

Attack untethered and unannounced


Waiting your turn, is a normal process

Patrons have become more civil and patient

And unbothered I casually scribble these words

Between the cake crumbs and coffee stains




Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020





A Collection of Ponds Turns Into a Lake

Hello dear readers, yesterday I wrote this Haiku for Beth ( ididnthavemyglasseson.wordpress.com  ) about ‘Ponds’….

A dragonfly Pond 
Mirror’s the hot summer sky 
Natures gallery ”    … and this morning (Sunday) I was reading the 8 Haiku’s I had written over the last 8 weeks, and in my mind they seemed to be following a theme… Then I decided to format them into one piece/poem… so here is my ‘Lake’ of words…..


A Collection of Ponds Turns Into a Lake


Peaceful is the dawn

Morning frost is hovering

Sunshine cuts the ice

A dragonfly Pond

Mirror’s the cold winter sky

Natures gallery

Soft winter sunshine

The sky’s raining blue diamonds

Warms my fragile heart


Are we hand in hand

With hearts joined, ready to start

A new wisdom age

Are we the drowned ones

Laying beside our beached whales

Unable to breathe

Cold steel’s not power

Love can’t be an iron fist

Hand in hand we breathe


Upon our torn earth

Lets sit around the camp fire

One circle of sand

On and on we go

We the mighty do venture

Above and beyond


Featured Image above; Taken by my Canadian Auntie, of the Barrier Lake in Alberta.




Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020

In Need of a Wise Owl

The above feature image, is by Derrick Knight, and thank you to Derrick for giving me permission to use your intriguing photo, although I’ve only affixed the top half of his original photograph …sorry Derrick. Here’s the link to his fabulous site and yesterday’s article.>> https://derrickjknight.com/2020/07/23/owl-envy/

And this weekend on Weekly Prompts the prompt is; The Watcher . Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >>Here . And who better to be our watcher, than the wise owl….


In Need of a Wise Owl


I’ve been searching the planet for our wisest owl

One that doesn’t droop his jowl, nor scowl

Are you the clever owl who will lead our world

Perched there stoically with wings unfurled


The statesman of our ancient forests

And guardian of our forgotten promises

Wisdom radiates from your knowing eyes

What do you observe from your throne in the sky

Are we honest enough, are we even worthy?

Have we enough modesty, are we even earthly?



Ivor Steven (c)  July 2020

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Once I was a little fella, bursting at the seams

Who loved moonbeams and had big dreams

Years have gone by, now I watch and I listen

And sadly I feel our world’s listing

I’m an emotional old guy

And one day, I’m gonna die


Life has taught me to be patient

My story unfolds in poetic testaments

Words written, some happy, others blatant

Little things that grow by accident

Little rhymes, not asking for judgement

My little rhythmical notes, my instruments


Ivor Steven (c) July 2020.