Odd Photos

This weekend’s Photo Challenge on Weekly Prompts is, Not The Norm! And over the last few weeks, I’ve taken some rather odd photos, that are “Not The Norm” , of every day life here in Geelong…. Click >>Here, to visit ‘The Weekly Prompts’ fabulous site

A hail-storm at the Box Office Cafe yesterday, and Chris and his dog Lily, looking worried

At the Box Office Cafe again, the two photos are of the framed pictures hanging up in the toilets. The next photo is of some wall art, in the back patio area….All unusual, to say the least

Geelong’s CBD, has numerous works of street art, down the back lane-ways

Another piece of street. And then I was visiting the Valhalla Bar (Yes the same place I go to for one my poetry recital nights) for refreshments, and I took this photo…. apparently his name is Westie, and he has a hole in the front of the bucket to have a drink… very odd….

On the way home I needed a bite to eat, and wow ! a Philadelphia Cheesesteak in the main street of Geelong…. Now I’m home, trying on my new shirt from Kuala Lumpur, a gift handed to me Thursday, by my dear pen-friend from Malaysia, a beautiful shirt, certainly “Not The Norm”, to be chatting to her, cheek to cheek, and truly a lovely day, we spent together ………..

Oddly, I’ve not yet posted this Leonard Cohen, song and video clip…. enjoy……


Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019


Flame and Sorrow

Here is my article, in response to, this weekend’s,  Weekly Prompts Challenge, to the Colour Challenge FLAME! …. I’ve selected a song by Icelandic band ‘Solstafir’ for the topic “Flame”…. After you’ve watched the video, you will understand why I chose Solstafir’s song Lagnaetti, which translates to ‘Low Night’….. Below I’ve attached the translated lyrics, and the fascinating music/video of ‘Solsafir’s’, Lagnaetti… I do hope the readers enjoy this interesting piece, and the finale Flame

The English translation to the lyrics of “Lagnaetti” a song by Solstafir
Where are you now? I can’t find you here.
I sit by your side; there’s no heat.
But everything must pass on, death’s last custom.
I hurt and betrayed you in my ugly game.
The price is so high with the heart at a doorway.
The bitter feeling of hate, myself always tormented.
In the cruel clutches of death, the sorrow hewed at the string.
Already miss you and call you my love.
I try to stand up straight, but I know I’ll end alone.
Because the black hatred in the heart is our Lord,
The supply of life has fallen into a coma.
Given up completely, the struggle died, now I crawl on my knees.
On a knife’s blade dancing wobbly and sore.
Ivor Steven (c)  Nov 2019



My Book Covers

 This weekend the Photo Challenge, on Weekly Prompts is, Cover. Today I’m experimenting and trying something completely different for me. I will be attempting to produce a “Video Book Cover”…… For my readers that might not know, the third anniversary of Leonard Cohen’s passing, is on the 7th of November, and appropriately, I’m posting this article as a tribute to Leonard Cohen…. The Book Cover photos, are of the Leonard Cohen books I have in my collection here in my writers haven…..The video is short piece that I’ve created, that goes for 28 seconds, and to play the video click on the arrow in the bottom left of the frame. .. . …however despite the small duration, I am ecstatic with the final outcome of my Book –Cover


img364 (2)


Below, I’m attaching a very recent music/video of Leonard Cohen’s brilliant poem, “Happens to The Heart”, his lyrics are superb and the visual effect of the video is definitely stunning……


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019


From Big To Small

Today’s Weekly Photo Prompt is: Big and Small.… and I believe the topic is open to one’s own interpretation…..  Please go and visit the fabulous “Weekly Prompts” site >> Here

Tonight I’m making two BIG bowls of salad’s for my dinner. The BIG bowls of salad will probably last me most of the week, for my dinner meals. The two salads I made were a Potatoe Salad and a Broccoli Salad. I had a SMALL serve of each salad with my barbeque lamb loin chop…. Then for sweets I had a SMALL serve of mango yogurt.

20191012_192820 (2)

Above: my two BIG bowls of salad, the broccoli salad, top of photo, and potatoe salad at the bottom of the photo…

20191012_193431 (2)

Above: A SMALL serve of each salad with my barbeque lamb loin chop….

img300 (2)

Above: The recipe for the Broccoli Salad, and yes, it’s yummy….

20191012_201920 (2)

Above: My SMALL Mango Yogurt, also very yummy…… actually a Greek style yogurt


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

Icons And Idols


My post, Icons And Idols, is in response to Calmkate’s, photo prompt: Statues.  .. Please Click >> Here… to visit her fabulous article….

The Feature Photo Above, is of my, money box Teddy Bear, that Carole crafted for me thirty years ago…..

Above Left: William Penn         Above Right: The Thinker by Rodin

Above Left: Edgar Allan Poe’s, Raven                     Above Right: My money box

Above Left: The Kiss, by Rodin       Above Right: Buddist Temple in Shanghai

Above Left: A Chinese Dragon, in Jade             Above Right: My Jade rabbit, my birth year

Above Left: Chairman Mao    Centre: David in a front-yard next door    Right: No Bull

While I’m away on these trips, I have my garden gnome at the front door, and my courtyard goddess, protecting my house for me….


Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019

Not Faux Flowers

In response to, Weekly Photo Prompts…Faux Flowers.  However I don’t have any false flowers, but here I’ve some photos of my “real” winter flowers in my courtyard garden.. Featured Image above: Drooping Violet.

Above Left: Begonia, dragon wing red             Above Right: Geranium, deep red

Above Left: Osteospermum, yellow                 Above Right: Bougainvillea, jazzi


The Flower Show


A yard full of blooms

The scene, a sea of colour

Flowering perfume


Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

Five Shades Of Grey

I’m posting this poem for, Helene’s Photo prompt week April 2/2019, “What Do You See ?” and I’m also posting on Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday, at Go Dog Go Cafe, and thank you to MidWest Fantasy for the invitation. Check their site out >>Here

Five Shades Of Grey


Daylight turns into night

Ravens scatter in mid-flight

Dark clouds overlay

Five shades of grey

Thor’s hammer roars

His spark of fire, soars

Fiercely a flaming bolt strikes

Piercing frightened psychs


Ivor Steven (c)  2019