Five Shades Of Grey

I’m posting this poem for, Helene’s Photo prompt week April 2/2019, “What Do You See ?” and I’m also posting on Welcome to Promote Yourself Monday, at Go Dog Go Cafe, and thank you to MidWest Fantasy for the invitation. Check their site out >>Here

Five Shades Of Grey


Daylight turns into night

Ravens scatter in mid-flight

Dark clouds overlay

Five shades of grey

Thor’s hammer roars

His spark of fire, soars

Fiercely a flaming bolt strikes

Piercing frightened psychs


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Stone Arches, High In The Sky

Written in response to Helene’s, What do You See,  Photo prompt March 26 to April 1, 2019. And I would also like to thank Claudia, of, “Humoring The Goddess”, and her latest article, for also inspiring me to write this post about the fascinating properties of rocks !!, please click >>Here

Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Carl Peverall

The photos in my post here, are of Carl Peverall’s stone and rock sculptures, copied from Claudia’s article today….. I’m sure she won’t mind ??

Featured Image Above Left: Carl Peverall, Gift. and,   Above Right: Helen’s Photo Prompt

Below: Rodin’s, Thinker           Carl Peverall’s, Minstrel        The Cemetery Stone Bench

Stone Arches, High In The Sky


Sitting on this old cemetery bench

Judiciously carved from granite

I’m pondering, like Rodin’s Thinker

Observing God’s arches high in the sky

Supported by tall Gothic columns

Laboriously sculptured stone

Etched by annual rain

Burnt under the ancient sun

Shaped by the winds of time

Dully hued, eleven shades of grey

Smooth rocks from past aeon’s

Millenniums cast in aged sand-stone

History encrusted surfaces

Pillars of society, silently solidified

Entombed witnesses of the painful years

The cold graveyard’s, living pyramids

Monuments to new generations

Life’s statues of our lost souls

Immortality and finality achieved

Beyond a shadow of doubt

Their stoic presence

An eternal epitaph



Ivor Steven (c)  2019


Yes I’ll Be There

Two weeks ago, on Friday 15th I was cleaning out my mailbox, throwing out all those annoying advertising pamphlets, when I happen to notice a little flyer that caught my attention. Yeah ! a book fair to held the next day in the West Geelong Town Hall. I missed  last year’s event, and finding the advertisement was a pleasant surprise…. Yes I did go……….Yes I did buy a few books…. Yes the advertising did work… The Weekly Photo Prompt this week is: Advertising

Below: Some of the Poetry books I did discover and subsequently purchased, and I’m sure they’ll make for interesting reading on my flight over to New York…..

Ivor Steven (c)  2019

My Neighbour Wasn’t Mowing His Lawn

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Weekly Photo Prompt: Featured Image.

Hi dear Helene, I’ve yet to participate in one of your weekly photo prompts, and I found your photo fascinating, and my I wrote this poem for your prompt.

My Neighbour Wasn’t Mowing His Lawn

I saw a sign, painted by His hand

The words, I did not understand

I thought why ? another old brick wall

Ascending the crooked ladder, too afraid to fall

There I stood alone, and stared

Above the galaxy’s glare

My retina’s were burning

Last night’s moon had p

My neighbour wasn’t mowing his lawn

I then saw the universe

Oblivion, in a blade of grass

Ivor Steven (c) 2019

Walk The Walk

In response to The Weekly Photo Prompt, this weeks prompt is: Walking

I’m on a walking program to get fit for my trip to New York at the end of April. I’ve joined a walking group, via WordPress, the other members live in America, we call ourselves the “Turbo Snails”, and I’ve installed a “step counter app”, on my phone. The aim of the group is to walk every day, and record how many steps we have done, and gradually increase the steps per day, over a weekly period. My first two weeks(almost) have been steady and my progress seems to be increasing. I shall take my chart to my physiotherapist on Monday. The main priority, is for me to consistently undertake the daily walk, and naturally the step count will increase over time. As wobbly as I am, the first two weeks has been a pleasant success, in the context of my progress made so far !! , a total of 27,530 steps…. and on January 1st, that amount seemed an impossible target… I was then struggling to step out of the house…

img149 (2)


Ivor Steven (c)  2019

A Traditional New Year, From Geelong

Traditionally every year here in Geelong, the City Council sends out to every house-hold, a Calendar and information booklet. The twelve pictures in the Calendar, are of the local area, taken by local photographers, and the music I’ve added below, is by local performer, Xavier Rudd. Thank you to Weekly Photo Prompts, for this opportunity to present these glorious photos of the Geelong area. Happy New Year to all my readers. And the Calendar itself is a great >> Tradition

img121 (2)img125 (2)img126 (2)

img127 (2)img128 (2)img130 (2)

img138 (2)img137 (2)img135 (2)

img134 (2)img132 (2)img131 (2)



Ivor Steven (c)  2018


The Golden Beach

I’d like to thank Gina, of Singledust, and her glorious poem, ‘last pure light’, on “Go Dog Go Cafe”, for inspiring me to write my poem, ‘The Golden Beach’, please click >> Here, to read her wonderful words. Also referring to this weeks, Weekly Photo Prompt: Tradition, yes it’s an Australian tradition to spend Christmas at the beach


Staring over the ripples in my cuppa tea

Gazing at the future forecast by the tea leaf’s

I’m visualising waves upon the morning sea

And the sensation of the sand beneath my feet


Oh to walk on the golden beach again

Inhale the fragrance of the wind caressing my skin

And to swim in the rejuvenating ocean

Feel the surf’s spray on my body, like warm rain


The tentacles of fresh air draw you in securely

An aura of purity and peace abounds richly

There’s a crispness from the sun that warms your heart

And a cleansing depth within the surrounds that soothes your soul


Ivor Steven (c)  2018