A Morning Kiss

Photo Challenge Laundry Day

Yep a photo of my little laundry, untouched, on this sunny Sunday morning, and below, if I had done the washing, is a photo of my clothes line under my Verandah, my laundry day didn’t happen. My Saturday night’s over indulgence has developed into a Sunday morning hangover, and my dirty washing will be still there again on Monday !! Monday often becomes my laundry day……… and also below, a few words I wrote this morning instead of doing the washing, yes, definitely a lot more fun, and far more comforting for this self-inflicted headache of mine…….
A Morning Kiss
Your lips taste of warm honey
Sweetly delicious
Our kiss lusciously melts into one
Firmly moist
We lovingly smile, a honeymoon embrace
Divinely entwined
And a pleasant Sunday morning song by Nick Cave.
Ivor Steven (c)  2018

My Rural Town


Our Photo Challenge is , Bucolic

I live on the out-skirts of Geelong, and the city is a reasonable size with a population of 240,000. But here I am, virtually on the town’s northwestern back fence, and only a dead-end dirt road is outside my front door.

The back fences of north-west Geelong                                   The dirt lane outside my home.

At the end of my dirt lane is a walking path that I use frequently. I can walk to my favourite coffee venue, The Moorabool Valley Chocolate Cafe, set in a rustic homestead with a beautiful view over the Moorabool River Valley. Attached link is a poem about the cafe.   https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2017/10/15/cheeky-magpie/

The view over the Moorabool Valley                                        Sunset along the walking path

The featured image at the beginning of the post is of our local mountain ranges, called the You-Yangs. Here the picture is taken from Geelong’s Eastern Park/Botanical Gardens, looking across Corio Bay towards the You-Yangs.

A Slide-show of pictures from around our City By The Bay

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Ivor Steven (c)  2018

Hold Me.

Take me to my home.

Home is where my heart is.

Home’s on that windy hill.

Above a secret valley.

Hovering, a heavenly cloud.

Take me to my home.

I’m waiting here alone.

All packed ready to go.

Vacating this old place.

Leaving this world behind.

Take me to my home.

The beyond will be greener.

I know you’ll be there.

You’ve been waiting so long.

I know you’ll hold me again.

Hold me in our home.

20180123_111307 (2)

Ivor Steven (c)  2018.