Fiery Pearls and an Ambient Eye

This weekend, at Weekly Prompts the challenge word is: Focus. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> Here … and below is my response to their prompt; Focus …

Fiery Pearls and an Ambient Eye

“Since I don’t believe in anything 

I can pretend about everything” … (anonymous)

The stars are the universe’s fiery pearls

And when smoke falls into my eyes 

Her fading ashes singe my heart

The silver moon is my world’s ambient eye

And when my mind falls out of focus

His silvery beams enlighten my soul

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Silent Moon

The Wednesday Challenge from “Weekly Prompts is: QUIET . Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here. .. and the poem “Silent Moon” is my response their prompt

Silent Moon


Is anybody out there?

Watching our universe

Spinning in reverse

Am I the only one in town?

Whirling around upside down


Is anybody listening?

To our guiding star

Playing accoustic guitar

Or am I just a lonely old moon?

Waiting to be serenaded by a lunar tune

Resonating through the universe

Singing a hallelujah verse

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021

Pink Moon

My “Moon” poems have been shining for 10 days now, and today “Pink Moon” is the final poem in my series of “Moon Poems”, which coincides with Holloween tonight …And this piece I wrote in April this year..

Pink Moon

Beyond the shimmering sand

And a comforting hand

A gracious spirit is in command

Wandering along life’s deviations

Are not treasonous reactions

A change of mindset to the left of centre

May create a mystical adventure

Tonight there shines a super-moon

Bring a bowl, cream, and spoon

And share in the sweetness of pink moonbeams

That revive lost souls and sanction forgotten dreams

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

A Slithery Moon

Well readers, here I go again, another “Moon” poem …I hope you are still enjoying my moon theme week ….

A Slithery Moon

Sunday softy sings

Undone on the wind

For a drowning underling

Tiredness creeps in

Church bells ring

For more silent writings

Numbness drops a teaspoon

Eyes close for the afternoon

Awaiting a slithery moon

Ivor Steven (c) March 2021.

A Slithery Moon

Hi readers and followers, today I am re-posting another “Moon”poem, but here in this introspective piece (March 2021), the moon seems to be slipping away from me …

A Slithery Moon

Sunday softy sings

Undone on the wind

For a drowning underling

Tiredness creeps in

Church bells ring

For more silent writings

Numbness drops a teaspoon

Eyes close for the afternoon

Awaiting a slithery moon

Ivor Steven (c) October 2021

A Midday Moon

Hello readers and followers, … my “Moon” poem theme continues today with a repost from September 2019, and I hope you are all enjoying my collection of “Moonolgues”

A Midday Moon

Surprise, surprise, up there in the sky

Hidden by the glare, of noon’s golden eye

I saw the moon, being cradled by the midday sun

There, glowing like a silver button

As hundreds of human’s passed me unawares

I was staring in wonderment, at our worlds brightest stars

The sun’s white ray’s, wore soft gloves of silk

And the moon was like a baby, enjoying mother’s milk

A chance of a lifetime I captured

Our sun and moon’s moment of embracing rapture

Ivor Steven (c) September 2019

Moon Shadows And Celestial Lights (Revised)

I am ‘Moon-struck’ this week, and here is another “Moon” poem, which I originally wrote in May 2018, and today I am posting a new version that I revised this morning ..

Moon Shadows And Celestial Lights

I stood alone

in my second-hand clothes

holding her worn out soul


I placed her ashes

in a brick wall

years of heartache

hidden in a chasm of pain

moments in time

now resting in peace

How does tomorrow become another day?

how does the past live with today?

Her moon shadows shyly tiptoe through my nights

as my hazy dreams glow under her celestial lights

Ivor Steven (c)  Revised, October 2021

To The Moon And Back

Today’s “Weekly Prompt” Weekend Challenge is: Discovery … Please go over and visit they fabulous site by clicking >> Here Yesterday when seaching my files for an appropriate poem for my “Go Dog Go Cafe” .. Throwback Friday post, I “Discovered” that I had written numerous ‘poems’ about the “MOON” over the years … and attached today, this is one of pieces that I “DISCOVERED” during my search …

Above Photos: The award winning, Geelong Library and Art Gallery… (Looks like the moon)

To The Moon And Back

Well, say hello spring

You’re certainly flashing us your everything

A warm mild morning

Followed by midday sunshine

Then suddenly a wild storm

Lightening and heavy rain

Windy squalls, umbrella’s flying

And down the fat hail came

While the dark sky opened his jaws

I wondered if it was like this

On our faraway moon

So without further ado

I jettisoned myself there

Soaring into space

I left this human race

Just for a short time, anyways

I journeyed to the art gallery

Displaying a real moon show

Wilderness photos from yesteryears

Bold colourful impressions

From out of this world

Ancient traditional stories were also told

Old-time moon movies, on the big screen

Bold sculptures, of every shape imaginable

And a moonscape, seen through artist eyes

The wondrous afternoon escape, was my prize

Above Photos: Some friendly humans that I meet on the moon……

Below: I love this song and video  by ‘The Airbourne Toxic Event’, performing their tune “All At Once”…. enjoy

Ivor Steven (c)  September 2019