One More Spoonful

On Weekly Prompts this weekend, the challenge word Glimmer. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> Here And is a poem I wrote back in January, that I thought to be suitable piece for the prompt …

Hello dear readers, I had a difficult time writing this poem, as my thoughts were jumbled and confused, but eventually after toiling away, I think the piece gradually developed into something resembling my initial dreamy thoughts … And then I could not make up my mind on the title, between “A Shining” or “One More Spoonful” ..

One More Spoonful

I was reading my never ending story

about crossing the rivers of time

and climbing a mountain of dreams

then along the crest of a misty waterfall

a mysterious rainbow appeared at dawn

as a shimmering glimmer of hope

and above my unreachable horizon

there was a shining

tempting me to turn around

and resume paddling upstream

to where I could savour

a spoonful of life’s cream

Ivor Steven (c) September 2022

Yorkie, Against the Undertow

The Wednesday challenge from Weekly Prompts is: CYCLING … please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> Here … My poem today is a “Repost” from January 7th 2019, and some of my followers may remember my hectic rehab’ time after my stroke in early December. I had to get myself fit enough to fly to New York by April 24th …
Well here it is Thursday evening in Geelong, 10.55pm, and I’m editing my new book “Perceptions” again … oh well that’s “the undertow of life”

Yorkie, Against the Undertow

I’m seated on my silver bike, called Yorkie

Pedalling slow and steadily

I’m not actually moving

But I am dreaming

Thinking of places I could be

Visualising what I might see

If I can keep pushing

I’ll end up with a Qantas cushion

I know the year is new and early

But I’m feeling unfit and unworldly

There’s a long way for my body to go

There’s no turning back, despite the undertow

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022

Urban Glare

The weekend challenge on Weekly Prompts is: Review. Please visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here … Below is my response to their prompt, and you are quite welcome to ‘Read and Review’ my poem “Urban Glare”

Featured Image Above: by Derrick Knight >>

Urban Glare

Down into the valley

I wander

Away from urban glare

Beyond reach

Of those who do not care

About nature’s faded flare

Along a cool creek

I wander

Away from urban air

Beyond sight

Of those arrogant stares

Who do not see nature’s plight

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Nature’s Theatre (a Tanka)

The Weekly Prompts, Wednesday Challenge is: OUTDOOR FUN. Please go over and visit their fabulous by clicking >> Here . and the below Tanka, is my response to their prompt ..

Nature’s Theatre (a Tanka)

The late winter sun

Peaks through a curtain of cloud

That flat silver screen

Becomes nature’s theatre

Where true rainbow films are fun

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Fiery Pearls and an Ambient Eye

This weekend, at Weekly Prompts the challenge word is: Focus. Please go and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> Here … and below is my response to their prompt; Focus …

Fiery Pearls and an Ambient Eye

“Since I don’t believe in anything 

I can pretend about everything” … (anonymous)

The stars are the universe’s fiery pearls

And when smoke falls into my eyes 

Her fading ashes singe my heart

The silver moon is my world’s ambient eye

And when my mind falls out of focus

His silvery beams enlighten my soul

Ivor Steven (c) July 2022

Water-logged Boots

My poem ‘Water-logged Boots, was published at FREE VERSE REVOLUTION, in November 2019, and thank you to the editor Kristiana for her kind consideration of my piece…
And today on Weekly Prompts the Weekend Challenge is: Boots . Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . Appropriately in response to their prompt, I have reposted this poem from 3 years ago.

Water-logged Boots

Yes, I am small in this overburdened world

But I flutter freely when unfurled

I could be a family picture collage

Or a tiny squirrel amongst the foliage

On his journey of ups and downs

Collecting and storing his acorns

The trick is to enjoy the ups

While the floodgates are shut

Sometimes I did nearly drown

Other times I floated upside down

During the many seasonal rains

I wondered if I would ever swim again

So then I pretended to write a biblical book

Ignorantly thinking no-one would ever look

Afterwards, I thought I could walk on water

Then my boots became water-logged

And if you need to walk a mile in my shoes

You will have to learn how to swim and sing the blues

Ivor Steven (c) March 2022

Close-up, Frankie Kisses You

The weekend challenge on Weekly Prompts is : Close-up  ; please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . Today I am presenting a ‘Photo Article’, for their prompt.

Close-up, Frankie Kisses You

Frankie greets a horse with a kiss

Frankie meets Harry with a kiss

Frankie greets Monty with a kiss

Frankie tries to kiss a Magpie

Frankie ignores his girlfriend Lily

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

Waiting For The Revolving Door

This week the Wednesday Challenge from Weekly Prompts is; OVERTHINK. Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here . And today I have been “Overthinking” to make any sense out of my thoughts during the writing of my poem tonight …

Waiting at the Door

I was waiting last year

waiting last month

waiting last week

waiting yesterday

I am waiting again tonight

do I wait for tomorrow?

I might as well keep waiting

wait for what I have been waiting for

wait for that revolving door

Ivor Steven (c) February 2022

By Chance a Glance, While Christmas Shopping 

The Wednesday challenge, on Weekly Prompts is: CHRISTMAS SPIRIT Please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking >> Here .. and the poem below is my response to their prompt

By Chance a Glance, While Christmas Shopping 

I saw her

We were crossing in opposite directions 

Then ironically 

We happened to end up at the same cafe

What do you say?

When you have forgotten her name 

How to begin?

Time has flown by

Since we last met

Oh well, here I go

Walking across the cafe

Towards her table 

She catches sight of me 

Her eyes happy in acknowledgment 

“Hello Janine”

Yes! I remembered that smile 

We gleefully grinned 

And chatted as good friends do

Neither of us could recall 

How many years it was 

But no matter 

We continued our jovial banter 

Ivor Steven (c) December 2021

Either Way

On Weekly Prompts, the Weekend Challenge isFork In The Road , please go over and visit their fabulous site by clincking >> Here . The poem “Either Way” below is my response to their prompt

Either Way

At this point in time

Do you feel we have lost our way?

Our spinning world of rhyme

Is one big rotting orb of grime

Our life’s a journey

A climb up into the light

Or a fall into Hades

Either way, over time

Has existence become jaded?

We wait for a calming serenade

From above dark clouds full of pain

Us mere mortals need a different space

If our dreams are to ascend beyond this place

Ivor Steven (c) November 2021