Throwback Friday, If Only Walls Could Talk, by Ivor Steven

I republished this old poem of mine ”If Only Walls Could Talk” in ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’, Throwback Friday’s segment

Go Dog Go Café

Here’s a poem I wrote in August 2018, and during these present days of isolation, the words seem appropriate enough for me to republish them here today…

If Only Walls Could Talk

It’s true you know

Walls can talk

So I’ve been told

By a beautiful rose

You’ll have to listen

Listen very closely

Put your ears against the wall

Use a stethoscope if you must

Listen to the wooden heart

Standing proud and tall

A rough soul, rendered smooth

Layers of paint, every hue

Covering up dusty memories

Of hearts lost, through years of cavities

Like the old Wailing Wall

You’re walking along a history hall

Your secrets, one and all

They’ve heard every gasp

Your children’s moans

And your lover’s groans

Ivor Steven (c)

Special thanks my friend Rose, ,  for being my the inspiration to write this poem, after a recent conversation we had, and mentioning…

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Throwback Friday, Write To Me, by Ivor Steven

A post I published on ‘Go Dog Go Cake’ in the ‘ Throwback Friday’ edition…..

Go Dog Go Café

Write To Me

Write to me, please

All I can do is quietly listen

Listen, to your sweet voice

Soothing my throbbing soul

Write to my swollen eyes

My life is becoming blurry

And my reading’s in over-freeze

Like in the bible’s first Eve

Write to my broken voice

Your’s always sounds like an angel

Gently baptising my ears

And caressing my absent mind

Write to my fallen heart

Mine’s still here to share

Always so true and soft

Like a lover’s morning kiss

Please write to me

And set me free

Ivor Steven (c)  Feb 2020

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