Yorkie, Against the Undertow

The Wednesday challenge from Weekly Prompts is: CYCLING … please go over and visit their fabulous site by clicking on >> Here … My poem today is a “Repost” from January 7th 2019, and some of my followers may remember my hectic rehab’ time after my stroke in early December. I had to get myself fit enough to fly to New York by April 24th …
Well here it is Thursday evening in Geelong, 10.55pm, and I’m editing my new book “Perceptions” again … oh well that’s “the undertow of life”

Yorkie, Against the Undertow

I’m seated on my silver bike, called Yorkie

Pedalling slow and steadily

I’m not actually moving

But I am dreaming

Thinking of places I could be

Visualising what I might see

If I can keep pushing

I’ll end up with a Qantas cushion

I know the year is new and early

But I’m feeling unfit and unworldly

There’s a long way for my body to go

There’s no turning back, despite the undertow

Ivor Steven (c) August 2022

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G'day, and welcome to my blog site. My name is Ivor Steven, I live in Geelong, Australia. I'm an ex-industrial chemist, and a retired plumber, and a former Carer of my wife(Carole), for 30 years, who suffered from severe MS. I Write poetry about those personal thoughts, throughout and beyond my life as a Carer. I've been blogging for over 2 years, and writing poems for 19 years. Of course a lot of my poems are about my favourite subject Carole, but since I've been blogging my writings have become quite varied, humourous, mystical, observational, and even a few monster/horror poems.

23 thoughts on “Yorkie, Against the Undertow”

  1. I remember this! I remember Yorkie! I remember when you biked (or Yorkie’d) your way to visit your precious American family! 🙂 ❤️ Such a beautiful memory! Such a beautiful accomplishment for you, Ivor! Way to go! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carolyn .. . The whole process of how, when, where and why was an amazing experience for me… both body and mind were damaged, but with together with the amazing rehab team and my own will power, the seemingly impossible mission was “accomplished” 💕🌏🤗😉😍

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  2. Ivor, I feel so honored to be reading and enjoying Perceptions! Derrick’s photos and your poems are a perfect match! I get tears in my eyes…joy-tears…thinking about how, over the years, Derrick’s photos and your poems have brought me such joy…given me much to ponder and appreciate!
    I am treating myself to reading 3 poems each night. I’m trying to stretch it out so the joy and fun lasts longer. 🙂 😉 And that way I can ponder what I’ve read and seen, too.
    Thank you, again!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carolyn .. I am so pleased you are enjoying “our” collaboration … Derrick was one of my very first followers and his wonderful photos have always impressed me and he has always been very kind and generous to allow me to use his images with my poems 🤗📖 and I think it was your suggestion that I do something with our joint articles 😉✍️📒 yeah … and I am sure the book is going to look fabulous , “((hugs))” my friend ❤️💕🌏🤗🐶📖✍️📒

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